Victoria Jackson is no stranger to controversial statements, and in an article that was quickly deleted, the comedian described her desire to have a White History Month. February is Black History Month, and Jackson’s sentiment will not have anyone laughing.

Jackson, 53, posted the controversial White History Month article on The Victoria Jackson Show website, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The article was quickly deleted -- but not before Google cached a version of her “White History Month” essay.

Jackson begins the essay saying, “I wrote a uke song called “White Men Are Good” and sang it at a comedy club about 4 years ago. I could feel the audience tense up. Why? Why is there a Black History Month but not a White History Month? Now, that the white race is becoming a minority in America, perhaps we need to make ... say, January, White History Month.”

The statement and the declaration are controversial, and it does not appear Jackson was trying to be funny or write a parody discussing this subject. Jackson’s reasons for a White History Month are due to being “really tired of the white male, and especially the white conservative, Christian male being attacked in cartoons, movies, TV shows, politics, Affirmative Action, etc. It’s like in order to fix the “discrimination” problem, culture flipped the racism from 'against blacks' to 'against whites.' Why do we have to be 'against' anyone? Aren’t we all equal?”

Jackson went on to discuss the contributions of white individuals to society including the contributions to space exploration, the English language, medicine, television, and modern conveniences such as electricity and the Internet. Jackson goes on to not only ask for a White History Month but also describe the perceived removal of the “white middle-aged Christian male” from power, as gleaned from an Alec Baldwin tweet about President Barack Obama’s re-election, as a reason for why America is on a downward trend.

Jackson wrote: “Maybe that’s why our country is going to pot; our huge deficit, foreign attacks, crashing economy, racial and class warfare, immigration problems, bigger government, disappearing freedom, growing poverty, sky-rocketing unemployment, rancid immorality, more pregnant teens, etc. etc. -- 'the end of white, middle-aged Christian male dominance.' I’m just saying.”

Jackson also called Baldwin and Obama “God-hating communists.”

Naturally, this opinion piece has been met with plenty of backlash. Wonkette’s Rebecca Schoenkopf slammed Jackson and her White History Month, while Mediaite was also dismissive of Jackson’s views. Jackson deleted the article almost immediately after hitting “Publish,” but, thanks to Google, her words will live on.

Jackson is a former “Saturday Night Live” cast member, appearing on the show from 1986 to 1992. She was also featured in several movies, including “UHF.”

Upon hearing Obama was re-elected, Jackson tweeted, “America is Dead,” and her conservative views and radical statements have constantly drawn the ire in the media.

Following the mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in December, Jackson posted on her Facebook page, “My friend Jim Riley posted: "Wasn't the Connecticut killer just doing what abortionists do every day? It's a wonder we don't have more 20 year old 'dads' doing what women and doctors have been an accomplice to for years in America. When you forget the TEN COMMANDMENTS, people, THIS is what you get.”