The Santa Claus at the Dufferin Mall in Toronto was faced with a much larger dilemma than an ornery child this week, instead an adult woman challenged Santa’s very identity.

“Do you have a sleigh? No? You f*****g d***head,” screams the woman as she calls for security to remove the seemingly fake Santa. “You’re not even real, I heard about it when I was a young kid!” The security guards eventually end up speaking with the woman going on the profanity-laced argument against Santa Claus -- or perhaps his stand-in replacement. "You're not magic, you're not real!" she continues.

In response to the woman, Santa can be sitting on a large crimson couch as he continues to stare at the woman in disbelief. Her tirade continues as onlookers stand in the background, which features the front of a Walmart store.

According to the mall's Facebook page, the shopping center held a Silent Santa event on Sunday in which families with a child with autism were encouraged to visit Santa before mall hours "without the distractions of large crowds, amll music and holiday lights." It is unclear whether the video took place on Sunday although it first appeared on social media this weekend.