Chicago Police
In this representational image, Chicago police investigate the murder of a 24-year-old man who was shot and killed on South Eberhart Avenue on the city's south side in Chicago, April 1, 2013. Scott Olson/Getty Images

The University of Chicago released a video Wednesday of a campus police officer-involved shooting, which wounded a student who appeared to be wielding a long metal pole.

The shooting occurred late Tuesday evening when the university police responded to calls of a burglary and an officer arrived on the scene just outside campus property. The officer saw the 21-year-old suspect was breaking car and apartment windows in an alley in the city’s Hyde Park neighborhood with a metal pipe.

The officer opened fire, injuring the male suspect who was later identified as a student of the university.

“The University is releasing the videos to news media in order to provide more public information on the circumstances of the officer-involved shooting that occurred on April 3,” Marielle Sainvilus, a university spokesperson, said in an email, according to USA Today. “These videos depict a painful and disturbing incident. The University community’s care and concern are with all of the individuals involved and their families.”

In the videos — one of which was taken from a squad dash cam and another from a body-worn camera — the officer is repeatedly heard telling the suspect to drop his weapon. Then, the student, who appeared to be wearing a helmet with a visor pulled over his face, yells and screams profanities at the officer and continues to move toward him.

“Hey! Stop there, put down the weapon. Don’t come at me,” the officer said, as he got out of his squad car and immediately began retreating from the suspect.

The officer, whose name has not released by the university, was seen retreating for about 40 seconds, apart from repeatedly shouting warnings. He then fires a single shot, striking the student in the shoulder, who then screams, “I’ll see you in hell, I’ll see you in heaven.”

police car
In this representational photo, Chicago police block a street during a standoff with a bank robber, Aug. 30, 2007. JEFF HAYNES/AFP/Getty Images

The student was taken to Northwestern University Hospital and was reportedly in a serious condition. The incident was believed to the first police shooting in the school’s history, Fox 32 Chicago reported.

Chicago police and the university's Department of Safety and Security were investigating the incident. The officer who fired the shot has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation into the incident.

The Chicago Police Department is also investigating the officer’s use of force and if it was justified in the given situation.

The University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer and Provost Daniel Diermeier released a statement Wednesday saying: "We are writing to provide an update on an incident that occurred near campus last night. This is a difficult incident for our community, and our concern is with all of the individuals involved and their families.”

“Maintaining our community's safety, security and well-being is of paramount importance. Support services and resources for students will be provided by the College and Campus and Student Life. The University will release additional updates as more information becomes available,” the statement added.