• UFO experts claim an alien vessel almost collided with SpaceX's satellite
  • SpaceX launched a satellite using the Falcon 9 rocket in December
  • An expert believes Elon Musk was forced to refrain from talking about the UFO encounter

Footage from SpaceX’s previous launch revealed a UFO almost colliding with a satellite deployed by the company. A so-called UFO expert then insinuated that SpaceX founder Elon Musk was forced to keep the strange encounter in space a secret.

The video of the launch event and incident was shared on YouTube by the channel Willease. The clip shows the launch of the JCSAT-19/KACIFIC1 mission, which was carried out via SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket.

The launch happened on Dec, 16 last year at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The Falcon 9 rocket’s first stage successfully deployed the JCSAT-19/KACIFIC1 satellite about 33 minutes after liftoff.

Cameras mounted on the first stage of the rocket showed the vessel cruising across space until it deployed the satellite. As noted by Willease, a strange object can be seen flying just below the satellite before it was deployed.

After reviewing the video, Scott Waring of ET Data Base stated that the UFO moved in a manner that’s very different from how natural objects move in space. As a result, he concluded that the UFO could be an alien vessel that was observing SpaceX’s activities outside Earth.

“Jump to 3:02 into this video and you will see a large white disk about a meter across shoot in a curved trajectory under and past the SpaceX satellite,” he stated in a blog post. “There is no way an object could curve its path in space. Only an intelligently controlled or living organism could achieve such a curve. This is 100% proof that aliens are watching SpaceX mission so closely that they could touch them.”

Since Waring strongly believes that the object in the video was an actual alien vessel, he claimed that Musk may have been forced by the National Security Agency to remain silent regarding the near-collision between his company’s spacecraft and the UFO.

“Something I don't understand...why is Elon Musk keeping this a secret from the public?” Waring stated. “Has he been threatened by National Security in order to keep Elon silent on the matter? I guess as a businessman...Elon Musk has to make some tough decisions to stay in business.”

A UFO flying away from a plume in this frame from the 2014 Chile helicopter video. CEFAA