• A couple accidentally photographed a UFO while hiking in California
  • The couple did not notice the UFO before they took a photo
  • An expert believes the UFO was an alien vessel observing humans

A couple hiking in California accidentally captured a UFO with their camera. According to a UFO expert, it is possible that the strange object was moving too fast for the human eye to see.

Scott Waring of ET Data Base reported that the UFO sighting took place in Riverside, California, on March 22. It was spotted by a couple hiking in the region.

According to the eyewitness, he and his wife were hiking in the area when she decided to take his photo. As they were viewing the photo, he noticed an object that appeared to be flying across the sky behind him. The couple noted that they did not notice the object when they took the photo.

“Wife took this pic this morning while we were on a hike,” the eyewitness stated. “When we looked at this pic, we saw this strange object. We noticed an odd hole in the clouds to the far left. Also a strange aura around the object. This was while viewing the pic as we did not see this with our eyes.”

Based on the photo, which was shared via ET Data Base, the object appeared to have a dark-colored body. Also, its shape did not resemble that of a traditional aircraft. Interestingly, the object did not show any visible means of propulsion.

After viewing the photos, Waring noted that the object was most likely moving at an incredible speed when the photo was taken. This would explain why the couple did not notice the object flying across the sky. Waring also noted that the strange object could be an alien vessel that was monitoring the activities of people within the region.

“A dark disk appeared in the photo, possibly shooting past faster than the human eye can catch, but was caught by the camera,” he stated in a blog post. “They later saw the disk and were confused at how it could be there if they had not seen it themselves. This UFO seems to have detected the people and shot past to scan them and record them...unknowingly being recorded in the process.”