Late night talk shows were filled with jokes aimed at former President Donald Trump's scheduled arraignment in New York on Tuesday.

"Late Night with Seth Meyers" attempted to fake out viewers with drier news before unleashing a barrage of wise-cracks targeting Trump.

"The Biden administration called for new regulations on regional banks ... I'm kidding we're only doing fun stuff today," Meyers said while posting a photo of Trump.

"Former President Trump is set tomorrow to be fingerprinted and photographed, then to sit back and see how many cold cases that solves."

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" was also focused on the arraignment of Trump, who was only a few blocks away from the Ed Sullivan Theater at nearby Trump Tower.

"One question a lot of people are asking is will there be a mugshot," said Colbert, pouring himself a stiff drink. "Well, I don't know about him but here's my mug and I will definitely be doing a few shots."

"The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" took note of Trump's trip from Mar-a-Lago to New York City to surrender to authorities.

"Trump flew from Florida to New York, where he will soon be arrested," Fallon quipped. "He's basically doing a reverse spring break."

"The Daily Show" with guest-host Roy Wood Jr. got a kick out of the idea that Trump will go through the process like any common citizen.

"That's right, Trump's got to provide a DNA sample," he joked, "which if you think about it, that's kinda how he got in this mess in the first place."