At 7 a.m., the Pottermore silence was broken. 

On an exclusive Youtube video, J.K. Rowling announced what Pottermore will be.

Pottermore - it is the same story with a few crucial editions, the most important one is you.

The digital generation will be able to enjoy safe, unique reading experience built around Harry Potter books. Pottermoe will be a place where fans of any age can share participate and redisocover the stories. It will be an exclusive place to purchase digital audio books, and for the first time, e-books for the Harry Potter series. I will be joining too, because i will be sharing additional informaotin I have been holding for years about the world of Harry Potter.

Pottermore is open to everyone from October, though lucky few can enter rearly and shape the expeirece.

Simply, follow the owl. good luck.

The Pottermore website has now been renewed. It says: 



What is Pottermore


Pottermore is open to all in October. Leave us your email address now and we'll notify you when registration has opened, stated the website. 

The website will open to a lucky million users early on 31 July (Harry Potter's birthday) with its full launch to all users in October. The long-awaited ebook versions of the Harry Potter books will be directly sold to users from October as well as digital audiobooks.



Announcement video here: