Two airline employees who were in a romantic relationship were fired after a video emerged online of them fighting while on the job.

The fight involved Republic Airways employees William Thomas, 36, and Marisha Sporer, 29, who were working on a flight at Denver International Airport in September when they got into an altercation on the jetway. The fight was caught on a surveillance video, which emerged on YouTube late Tuesday night.

The pair had also reportedly been in a relationship since November 2018.

Thomas and Sporer appear to trade words until Sporer slaps Thomas in the face. Thomas responds by punching Sporer in her chest before punching her again in the head before walking away.

According to a police report via NBC News, Sporer had asked to use Thomas’ phone after the plane had landed in Denver. She allegedly saw something on the phone that made her upset and confronted Thomas.

The pair can then be seen fighting and they reportedly ended the relationship on the spot. Thomas then went to sit in the cockpit while Sporer started walking toward the gate before going back to the plane. She allegedly went back to the plane, grabbed Thomas by his tie, and slapped him three more times. Thomas reportedly responded by punching her in the ribs before it was broken up.

Both were said to be hurt from the fight but did not go to a hospital for treatment.

The pair have since been charged with assault and disturbing the peace and have been released on an undisclosed bond amount. Both pled not guilty to the charges and are due back in court later in October.

Republic Airways has also disclosed in a statement that Thomas and Sporer have since been fired.