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Johnny Depp is pictured at the “Murder On The Orient Express” premiere on Nov. 2, 2017 in London, England. John Phillips/Getty Images


  • Johnny Depp stars as King Louis XV in the upcoming French historical-romance film "Jeanne du Barry"
  • Why Not Productions released a teaser photo of the 59-year-old actor wearing a white wig and regal attire
  • "Jeanne du Barry" is directed by filmmaker and actress Maïwenn; the movie will be in French

Johnny Depp channeled his inner royalty on the set of his upcoming movie, "Jeanne du Barry," directed by French filmmaker Maïwenn.

Social media user @u/wanderlust_12 shared Wednesday a video on Reddit of the 59-year-old award-winning actor dressed-up in regal attire, complete with a white wig and powdered makeup. He was seemingly on a break from filming the historical-romance movie and conversing with the production staff in the clip.

The post received several comments from social media users and fans who couldn't wait to see Depp back in the acting scene and portraying King Louis XV. The project marks his first film in three years following his victory from the bombshell defamation trial with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

"God love him..... cannot wait," one fan wrote.

"I'm so excited for this! His work ethic. Hope after this wraps he has a nice well-deserved relax," another commented.

Why Not Productions, the French film production company working on the film, exclusively revealed to Deadline a "playful teaser" of an up-close image of the Dior ambassador sporting the same outfit in the leaked video while wearing a black blindfold. The photo was also shared on Twitter.

The "White Bird on a Blizzard" production company also revealed that the shoot began on July 26 and would last for 11 weeks. The locations of the film will include "Versailles and other chateaux in the Paris region" and a studio, Deadline reported. The film would be in French, which Depp could speak fluently.

"Jeanne du Barry" will revolve around the rags-to-riches story of Jeanne [played by the 46-year-old actress and filmmaker Maïwenn]. It tells of a young girl born into a working-class society who falls madly in love with Depp's character, unaware that he was a royal king. She is an intelligent woman who will use her charms to "climb the rungs" of the social ladder.

The drama is reportedly inspired by the life of Jeanne du Barry, the last royal mistress of King Louis XV at the court of Versailles after the death of his confidante and official mistress Madame de Pompadour.

Other stars of the film include Benjamin Lavernhe, Pierre Richard, Melvil Poupaud, Noémie Lvovsky, Pascal Greggory, and India Hair. Pascal Caucheteux and Grégoire Sorlat are serving as producers.

Aside from directing, Maïwenn also co-wrote the screenplay alongside Teddy Lussi-Modeste. This marks her sixth feature film after winning the Cannes Film Festival 2011 Jury Prize for the film "Polisse."

US star Johnny Depp had sued the Sun over claims he was violent to ex-wife Amber Heard during their volatile two-year marriage
US star Johnny Depp had sued the Sun over claims he was violent to ex-wife Amber Heard during their volatile two-year marriage AFP / Tolga AKMEN