The United States Postal Service (USPS) is investigating a home surveillance video of a Memphis, Tennessee, house owner which showed a mail carrier urinating on the front porch as he delivered the mail, reports said Saturday.

The footage, from a property on Castle Avenue in Berclair, was posted on Facebook by the homeowner with the caption “We just moved in a month ago and My front porch may be a work in progress but however no one deserves this !! Mailman p*ssed on our front porch then touched our mail. #memphis.”

The video showed the mailman relieving himself as he turned from the sidewalk and walked up several stairs onto the porch of the house to drop the mail in the mailbox. The mailman stopped once he’s in front of the mailbox, and looked around the area, probably to check if someone saw him. He did not notice the camera recording him, though. Then, he pulled out the home owner’s mail from his bag using the same unwashed hand he held his genitals with. He drops the mail in the box and walked away from the house, toward the street, narrowly avoiding stepping on his own urine.

The homeowner said he hasn’t touched his mail since the day the incident happened as he was worried about what could be on it, a report on FOXNews said.

The USPS said it is conducting an investigation into the matter and will take necessary action against the staff, according to a report on Daily Mail. The agency also apologized to the homeowner.

“We are investigating the actions of our letter carrier revealed in the video,” spokesperson Susan Wright said in a statement. “This behavior clearly does not reflect the efforts of the thousands of professional, dedicated carriers in our workforce. We are reaching out to the homeowner to offer our apology and assistance in dealing with this issue. The Postal Service will take appropriate corrective action to address the situation with this employee. As a matter of policy, we are unable to comment further on specific personnel matters.”

Video Shows Mailman Urinating On Resident’s Porch
A home surveillance video captured a mailman urinating on the porch of a house as he was delivering mail. In this image: US Postal Service letter carrier Anthony Ow places letters in a mailbox as he walks his delivery route, San Francisco, California, July 30, 2009. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

In an unrelated incident, a 47-year-old postman from Midland Park, New Jersey, was arrested Saturday in connection with a hit-and-run that killed a 54-year-old Hawthorne man, Bergen County Prosecutor's Office said.

Raphael Ramos was charged with one count of leaving the scene of a fatal motor vehicle collision.

Edward Rao was injured in the incident which took place at Ridgewood on Sept. 17 near Haruo Noro Salon and across the street from Puzo's Family Restaurant, and was rushed to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center. He died due to his injuries.

According to Village Councilman Jeff Voigt, Rao was the third pedestrian who was struck in the same stretch of roadway, called a “dangerous” corridor by Ridgewood officials, in the past few weeks.

“Three people have been hit on that road,” Voigt said. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize something needs to happen.”