The latest episode of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” boosted the comic's profile Monday as a trending topic on Twitter. Oliver’s segment discussing the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine received positive feedback from many online.

In Sunday's episode, Oliver discussed the increasing violence between the two powers and how Palestinian appears to be suffering more than Israel.

“This isn’t tit for tat. There is a massive imbalance when it comes to the two sides’ weaponry and capabilities. While most of the rockets aimed toward Israeli citizens this week were intercepted, Israel’s airstrikes were not. They hit their targets, including a house in a refugee camp, a building housing the Associated Press and Al Jazeera, and a 13-story office and apartment building,” Oliver said.  

“And while Israel insisted that there were military targets in that building and they destroyed it as humanely as possible, even warning people to evacuate it beforehand, destroying a civilian residence sure seems like a war crime, regardless of whether you send a courtesy heads-up text,” he added.

On Monday afternoon, Oliver’s name began trending on the social media platform, with fans praising the 44-year-old for accusing Israel of war crimes due to their attacks against Palestine.

“Well said, John Oliver. Couldn’t have phrased it better myself,” one user posted.

Another user applauded Oliver for discussing the violence rather than avoiding it like other talk show hosts.

“As someone who has written for a bunch of different hosts, it is very cool to see John Oliver figure out how to do material that was clearly written by writers with different backgrounds and experiences - rather than just say ‘*I*can’t talk about that’ - and do it well,” the post read.

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza have resulted in at least 197 deaths, including an estimated 34 women and 58 children. Roughly 1,235 Palestinians have been injured.

Israel's army said the Iron Dome anti-missile system had intercepted over 1,000 rockets fired from Gaza Israel's army said the Iron Dome anti-missile system had intercepted over 1,000 rockets fired from Gaza Photo: AFP / Mahmud Hams