Besides demonstrations by professional skydivers, the event provides an opportunity for amateurs to tandem leap with a licensed instructor. (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

A skydiving instructor in his 60s and a Singaporean man in his 20s died when their parachute failed to open in a tandem skydiving tragedy 50 miles southwest of Sydney, Austrailia. Videos released Saturday show the chilling final moments of their lives, which includes a clip of the instructor joking about his demise.

The victims' names have not been disclosed, but multiple videos have been released of the men before their death. One video, released by the Daily Mail Austrailia shows the instructor in high spirits, joking about potentially landing off course when they skydive.

"If you're really, really lucky you land out the front. If you don't, s--- happens," the instructor said to a few laughs, adding "if you're lucky," they might "get a good instructor." The Daily Mail report said that the Singaporean man was in the audience for the video.

One participant in the skydiving adventure, Catalina Granados, told the Daily Mail that she caught a bus from Sydney to the skydiving base with the Singaporean. She said she was shocked by the tragedy, adding that she didn't find out of the deaths until later when she was back in Sydney.

"I was in shock, I couldn't believe it," she said. "The conditions on the flight were good and I never imagined this could happen."

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Another video released exclusively by the Telegraph, showed the men in the plane during the last moments before the ill-fated jump, smiling in anticipation.

"I think it’s just tragic. It’s just a fluke accident," a man who shot the video told the Telegraph. "They were the only tandem skydivers on the flight, and they were the last to jump."

The two bodies landed on a property outside of Sydney. Police and emergency services were called by a resident who saw the victims hit the ground. A 7-year-old girl — one of several children who witnessed the bodies on the ground — had to be counseled for trauma.

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"She has seen the aftermath," said Chase Stephenson said to the Telegraph of his daughter. "She hasn’t seen them hit the ground but she is pretty traumatized. It’s a shocking thing for a young girl. She’s very shaken up by it and has spoken to a counselor."

Television footage was taken by helicopter from above the driveway on Sydney television where the men landed appeared to show the parachutes, indicating they opened either partially or in full.