Vikings season 2 premiere spoilers
Which brother will win tonight's battle during the season 2 premiere of "Vikings"? Vikings


Blood, beards and a brother’s quarrel — that’s what Thursday night’s season 2 premiere of the hit History Channel series “Vikings" promises. The history drama, which topped an average 942,000 viewers over its successful first run, is back to drop our jaws with even more action.

“I think this season is a lot better,” Travis Fimmel, who plays the role of Ragnar, admitted to SheKnows. But perhaps the ax-wielding Viking is only saying that because of the rumored outcome of episode 1. According to reports, Thursday's episode will see Ragnar and his brother Rollo (Clive Standen) get into a bloodbath of a battle.

After Rollo betrayed Ragnar to the Geats, the brothers decided to hash it out in typical Viking sibling style: a gruesome battle. And according to reports, many men will fall during the season 2 premiere of “Vikings.” Will one of those fallen men be either Ragnar or Rollo? Rumor has it that both brothers will survive the battle, but one of them will wish he were dead.

After the battle between the brothers is over, Rollo will throw himself at the mercy of Ragnar. He will then be brought before the Lawgiver to be judged. Although the Lawgiver acknowledges that Rollo deserves to die, he will spare his life because "if he didn’t die in battle the gods must want him to live to be humiliated,” reports indicate.

What does Standen have to say about his character’s fall from grace? Well, despite Rollo being shamed, he’s pretty shocked and excited for how the plot will unfold.

“I’m amazed by season 2,” he admitted to TV Guide. “So much happens and it moves at such a pace. It’s like blink and you’ll miss it."

With that said, make sure you don’t miss the action by tuning into History Channel Thursday night at 10 p.m. EST to catch the acclaimed series “Vikings.” We know we’ll be watching to find out what will happen to Ragnar and Rollo’s relationship after the fight.

"It's going to be pretty hard to ever trust Rollo again," Fimmel confessed. "But he's blood and the most important thing to Ragnar is his family and his blood, and [there are] certainly big obstacles to overcome with Rollo but they have a good arch this season."

We can’t wait to see! Will you be watching tonight’s season 2 premiere of “Vikings”? Let us know in the poll below if you think Ragnar could ever really trust his brother again — that is, if he survives.