“Vikings” Season 4 Spoilers
New photos from Season 4B of “Vikings” are sailing our way! History Channel

Throughout the four seasons that “Vikings” has aired, we’ve witnessed our favorite Northmen grow from wide-eyed farmers into Nordic legends and innocent children transform into the fiercest of warriors. Now fans of the epic History channel series will get to watch another evolution unfold on the small screen when Season 4B returns with a massive time jump.

Recently, the network released a slew of images from the upcoming season, which has yet to be given a midseason premiere date. These pictures give audiences an official first look at the drama set to occur in Season 4B of “Vikings.” One promo photo shows Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) and Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) looking a bit weathered as the on-again, off-again besties sport matching, wispy grey beards.

But while the warriors appear beaten and battered, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) has a glow about her as the Earl of Hedeby stands in a field of grass. Perhaps Lagertha’s radiance has something to do with the woman standing behind her. The show’s creator, Michael Hirst, revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Lagertha will find herself in a new relationship when “Vikings” returns. But this time, her suitor will be a woman.

“There’s a new female character called Astrid [played by Josefin Asplund]. She’s become a part of Lagertha’s life,” he explained. “They are in a relationship.”

Hirst divulged that Lagertha has taken to Astrid after having been betrayed by the men in her life. “She’s in a relationship with someone she feels more comfortable with, someone she feels she might be able to trust,” he explained.

Fans then received an even closer look at Astrid in another promo photo that features Lagertha and her girlfriend attending a dinner in Kattegat. The two women were dressed in regal attire as the couple struts into Aslaug’s (Alyssa Sutherland) home. But it appears that their attendance was nothing but a power move for Lagertha who revealed in the Season 4B trailer that she plans on seeking revenge against the woman who took her husband, her world and her happiness.

In a promo image, viewers can see Ragnar’s two lovers facing off against one another. But while Lagertha exudes confidence, Aslaug appears worried that her kingdom could get overruled by the ambitious Earl.

“Vikings” will return to History Channel with the second half of Season 4 in the fall.