“Vikings” Season 5 Spoilers
A newcomer will help lead the Northmen on their latest voyage in Season 5 cast of “Vikings.” History Channel

Adam Copeland is trading his singlet in for a crossbow.

According to Deadline, the former WWE wrestler will take on a recurring role in Season 5 of History Channel’s “Vikings,” which will premiere in 2017.

So what character will the Edge play when he makes his debut in Kattegat? Well, the 42-year-old athlete will take on a “fierce and brave warrior” who was chosen by Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) to lead the Vikings on their voyage to Iceland. (It was revealed that Iceland is where the Vikings will plan on growing their community.)

The Rated-R Superstar, who has previously starred on Syfy’s “Haven,” isn’t the only newcomer joining the Nordic crew. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who appeared in “The Tudors,” will also grab a sword in the forthcoming installment. Although details regarding Meyers’ character are being kept quiet, it was revealed that the cast and crew will beginning filming Season 5 of “Vikings” this summer.

“Vikings,” which will return in the fall with the second half of Season 4, was renewed for a fifth season in March. History Channel ordered a 20 episodic installment, giving fans double the dose of drama. Seasons 1 through 3 consisted of only 10 episodes while Season 4 was upgraded to feature twice the chaos.

But with double the drama comes twice as much work. Dee Corcoran, a stylist on “Vikings,” revealed to International Business Times in April that it was no easy feat creating several fresh and exciting looks for every character in the 20 episodic season. “That’s a task,” she confessed.

“Vikings” will return in the fall with the second half of Season 4 on History Channel.