“Vikings” Season 4 Spoilers
Katheryn Winnick gave fans a sneak-peek look at Lagertha’s new do in a behind-the-scenes image from Season 4 of “Vikings.” History Channel

Talk about hair envy. Katheryn Winnick’s stylish character Lagertha is getting a brand new look when “Vikings” returns in the fall. And we have to admit … her Season 4 hairdo is pretty outrageous!

Recently the actress, who portrays the fan favorite shieldmaiden on the hit History Channel series, shared a behind-the-scenes photo of herself transforming into the Earl of Hedeby. “When hair is an art. Thank you @catherine_argue for your incredible talent,” Winnick captioned the Instagram image that unveiled just one of Lagertha’s fresh looks.

In the picture, fans can see Lagertha sporting a rather regal look that consists of a crown-like accessory sitting atop her golden locks. Braids hold the leather and golden addition safely in place before twisting down into a curled, side ponytail.


When hair is an art. Thank you @catherine_argue for your incredible talent. #Lagertha #Vikings #season5

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In April, “Vikings” stylist Dee Corcoran told International Business Times that fans could expect major transformations from Lagertha and their other favorite characters when the second half of Season 4 returns to the small screen.

“This season you’ll see [Lagertha] with little pieces of Celtic metal [in her hair] when she’s going to battle, which looks fabulous on her,” Corcoran stated, adding that Winnick’s character won’t be the only one to undergo a major hair-formation.

Due to the Season 4 time jump that took place in the midseason finale, Corcoran had to create appropriate styles to correlate with the new ages of the characters. “We had to age [Linus Roche’s character Ecbert] considerably so it gave us something to [sink] our teeth into,” the stylist told IBTimes.

Audiences can see the new styles of their favorite characters when “Vikings” returns to History Channel with the second half of Season 4 in the fall.