Animal cruelty has become a pressing concern in today’s world. A recent viral video that showed a different form of animal cruelty has taken social media by storm. And netizens are left wondering if human beings have hit a new low.

Internet was outraged over the said video in which two Florida men were seen trying to intoxicate an alligator just for “fun”. They tried to amuse themselves at the expense of a hapless animal’s discomfort. 

Both of the predators were arrested last week on one felony charge each for capturing an alligator unlawfully. The first man had seized the alligator with his bare hands whilst the second man lured it to bite his arm followed by pouring beer down the alligator’s throat to get it drunk. Sickening, right?

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers started investigating the incident in August after the two men apparently took a video of it. Timothy Kepke, 27, appeared in the video provoking the reptile in Palm City. Noah Osborne, 22, then tried to force-feed feed beer to the alligator and it clearly didn’t like that and acted aggressively. 

When officers interrogated Kepke, he admitted that he was present in the video and added that the animal was alive when they let go of it, CBS Miami reported. Kepke further told officers that the incident happened on Aug. 26. 

There was a third person present in the scene too. Kepke and Osborne were accompanied by a Florida woman who told officers that she thought the alligator bit the latter “because of his actions,” as per TC Palm, a local news website.

Kepke and Osborne claimed that both of them had a couple of beers but were not drunk. It was their contemptuous pride of hailing from Stuart, Florida, that led them to prey on the animal.

Whatever might have been the reason, isn’t it a little overkill to share a beer with an alligator?