A video that shows a shark attacking a seal at the Bay of Fundy, off the coast of New Brunswick, has since gone viral. The video, which shows the startling speed with which the shark attacks the seal, was recorded from the deck of a whale watching vessel.

The video shows a seal that was leisurely swimming near a rock being attacked out of the blue by a shark. The ensuing struggle turned the water in the vicinity crimson red. It served as a harsh reminder of how cruel nature can be. Experts are convinced that the attacker in the video could very well be a great white shark.

Carol Browne, who captured the viral footage told Global News, “I was looking through my camera and I saw a big splash and I thought that the big seal jumped into the water, but then I noticed obviously it wasn’t that, and I just kept recording until I got the whole thing.”

The vessel was headed back after a day of whale watching to Saint Andrews, N.B, from Quoddy Link Marine when Browne spotted a group of seals sitting on the rocks somewhere close to the Bay of Fundy.

Three of the four seals on the rock fled after the shark viciously attacked one of their own for lunch. The scene, a normal part of nature’s food cycle, sent the whale watchers on the vessel into a state of excitement and agitation.

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Browne was reportedly happy that she was able to film the whole harrowing incident, claiming it was something she wanted to show the people. She told Global News that she was lucky to have witnessed such a rare incident.

According to Global News, this is the second time the whale watchers have seen a shark attack in the vicinity of the Bay of Fundy. Bay of Fundy has been home to sharks for a long time, with the great whites being spotted more commonly in recent times.