Breaking News Update: 2 Dead in Virginia Tech Shooting on Thursday, Suspect at Large

A person surrendered with his hands up outside the Performance Arts Building at Virginia Tech, reported the Collegiate Times. However, the person is not yet under arrest.

The paper is also reporting that police are emptying the Performance Arts building and that students are reporting shots near Torgersen Hall.

Virginia Tech has announced that an officer has been shot on its campus and that there may be a second victim. The suspect is said to be on foot and is reportedly a white male wearing gray sweat pants, gray hat with neon green brim, maroon hoodie and backpack.

A campus-wide alert has been issued. Students and faculty have been told to stay inside and lock their doors.

Back in 2007, 32 people were murdered in a shooting rampage on that campus.

Update: The Collegiate reports that the person who surrendered outside the Performance Arts Building may not be a suspect. Person who surrendered at Performance Arts Building is not under arrest, the paper, which covers Virginia Tech and Blacksburg, posted in a recent tweet. Five minutes later, The Collegiate posted the following message: To be clear, latest reports of suspect were near Performing Arts building moving to Torgersen, but no arrest has been made.

Julia Greenberg, Jason Van Hoven and Melanie Jones contributed to this article.