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A look at one of the new Vizio P-Series Quantum televisions Vizio


  • Vizio is focusing on gamers with its new line of 4K/120Hz televisions
  • The P-Series Quantum, P-Series Quantum X and OLED lines of Vizio TVs feature the new ProGaming Engine to boost performance
  • All three TV lines include the standard Smart TV offerings as well, like apps, Chromecast/AirPlay support and more

TV manufacturer Vizio's recent line of televisions have been designed with gamers in mind. These TVs come packed with all sorts of features to enhance play on a game-to-game basis and even improve picture quality compared to other televisions. The goal for Vizio is to bring monitor-quality features to bigger screens.

Vizio’s recently released line of televisions include the P-Series Quantum, the P-Series Quantum X and Vizio’s take on OLED. Regardless of the model, all three product lines include features that enhance gameplay including the ProGaming Engine, an IQ Ultra Processor and more.

The ProGaming Engine can read the inputs from the latest Xbox and PlayStation consoles and adjust display quality to best maximize a game’s look. This mode also helps reduce input lag, dropping response time to only 1ms. This is crucial for gamers that want to ensure their display is as quick as their reaction time.

Speaking of reaction times, the Vizio TVs have a refresh rate of 120Hz. This allows games to run at 120 frames per second, meaning the action is buttery smooth with no dropped frames. This is also a bit of future-proofing as most PS5 and Xbox Series X games don’t even run at 120 frames per second yet. Add on a 4K resolution to the Vizio TVs and games will both look and feel better to play.

There are three different lines of TVs from Vizio, but what are the differences? The P-Series Quantum and the P-Series Quantum X are largely the same with the key differences coming in the form of an improved color spectrum, more dynamic lighting and all four sides featuring a bezel-less design. By comparison, the P-Series Quantum only has three sides with a bezel-less design. Additionally, the P-Series Quantum is available in 65-inch and 75-inch models while the P-Series Quantum X is also available in those sizes along with an 85-inch model as well.

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The Vizio OLED line seems to focus more on image quality than performance, but that doesn't mean it's a slouch compared to the P-Series line Vizio

As for the Vizio OLED TV line, these models also feature the same gaming enhancements as the other two, but the OLED TVs feel more like they are pushing their image quality over performance. If you are more interested in watching TV shows and movies instead of gaming, OLED TVs seem like the right choice.

Of course, all three TV lines include the standard Smart TV offerings like the ability to download apps, stream shows and movies directly with built-in Chromecast and Apple AirPlay support, and can even be controlled via voice commands thanks to Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri integration.

While these TV options from Vizio are certainly impressive, they are not cheap. The P-Series Quantum line starts at $1,199.99, while the OLED TVs start at $1,299.99. The P-Series Quantum X line tops the rest as these TVs start at $1,499.99. All three lines of televisions are available right now.