Vodka Saves Puppy
10-week-old American Staffordshire puppy Cleo was fed vodka to combat poisoning she got from licking radiator fluid. Facebook

An American Staffordshire puppy named Cleo is alive today thanks to a bottle of vodka.

The puppy’s owner, Stacey Zammit, 27, of Truganina, Victoria, Australia, rushed her to the vet when she noticed 10-week-old Cleo, whom she recently received as a Christmas present, swaying on her feet and rejecting food, according to the Herald Sun of Melbourne.

Cleo had suffered from ethylene glycol poisoning and was close to renal failure, the vet deduced, and told Zammit that alcohol was the only antidote.

"The vet had a bottle of vodka, which was a gift, so they just hooked her up," Zammit told the Herald Sun. "The next time I saw her, I asked if she was wasted, and the vet was like, 'yeah'.”

Cleo apparently became poisoned after licking radiator fluid from spare car parts in a garage last week, according the Herald Sun.

She was administered vodka every six hours for days through a nasal tube and consumed almost a bottle and a half in less than 72 hours, the newspaper detailed.

"Cleo had really bloodshot eyes and she was pretty unsteady. She couldn't move around much because she was so wasted," her owner said.

Later, she recovered from her hangover in the usual fashion, "She slept a lot and she was eating a lot, but she seems really happy now," Zammit added.

Dr. Yenny Indrawirawan of Animal Accident and Emergency Point Cook said the "hair of the dog" treatment that Cleo received is rare but effective.

"The alcohol stops a chemical reaction in the body," Indrawirawan said. "Without the vodka, Cleo was likely to develop renal failure."