Pharrell Williams
Artist Pharrell Williams, pictured here at the 88th Academy Awards in Los Angeles on Feb. 29, 2016, recently shared his thoughts on Beyoncé’s new album. Getty Images

Following the debut of Beyoncé’s deeply personal new album, “Lemonade,” stars from all over the music industry are sharing their thoughts on it. Among the cadre of voices praising the singer for her newest work is Pharrell Williams.

Williams was approached by Entertainment Tonight ahead of his appearance on Monday’s episode of “The Voice” where he presided over the remaining 11 performers of Season 10 as they sang live. With the music industry buzzing over the recent release of Beyoncé’s “visual album” on HBO, Williams was asked his thoughts on the new project.

“She’s an artist and she’s expressed herself and I think it’s a beautiful piece of work,” he said, when asked if it’s dangerous to put something so personal out into the world. “I think the theme, the overarching theme of forgiveness is just such a beautiful message and we need that in the world right now. We need it.”

“Lemonade” artist Beyoncé, pictured here at the 58th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Feb. 15, recently drew the attention of Pharrell Williams thanks to her album’s release. Getty Images

For those that are unfamiliar, Beyoncé’s new HBO special, and subsequent album, dove heavily into the concept of faithfulness in a relationship, portraying the story of a woman that is overcoming being cheated on. As previously reported, it’s long been rumored that Beyoncé and her husband, Jay Z, have been going through marital problems stemming from an affair on his part. While those rumors can’t yet be considered fact, many believe that “Lemonade” is Beyoncé’s way of confessing that her husband stepped outside of their marriage.

While it would be easy for most to assume that the 34-year-old artist is using her album to get back at Jay Z, Pharrell seems to have taken a mental step backwards and identified the fact that the duo are still together. At the end of the day, “The Voice” coach recognizes the visual album as a testament to forgiveness rather than vengeance.

Still, if vengeance were the game, the singer certainly has it now that her cadre of fans have descended upon fashion designer Rachel Roy after a lyric in a song and an ill-timed Instagram post led many to believe that she was the person with whom Jay Z had an affair. The rumor has become so widespread that Roy even canceled a public appearances amid the controversy.