“The Voice” switched up its format a bit for the Season 7 final-three reveal Tuesday night. At the beginning of the episode, the top three contestants were announced and quickly dispensed with, to make room for the real star of the results show: the coveted wild-card spot.

Following some pretty impressive performances all around, "Voice" fans voted and trimmed the finalist group from 5 to 3, advancing Chris Jamison, Matt McAndrew and Craig Wayne Boyd. This meant that Damien, of team Adam, and Taylor John Williams, of team Gwen, were sent packing -- though they still had a chance in the wild-card round.

The NBC singing-competition show brought back nine previously eliminated contestants (including Damien and Williams) and gave them each a chance at a fourth spot in the finals as fans voted throughout the night. Viewers were treated to one more song from the night's two eliminated performers, as well as performances by Ryan Sill, Reagan James, Anita Antoinette, Jessie Pitts, Luke Wade, DaNica Shirey and Sugar Jones.

To the dismay of fans, show host Carson Daly announced that the wild-card finalist would not be revealed that night, but rather the next morning on the “Today” show. While the synergy play by NBC likely boosted the morning show’s ratings, it had to be awkward for the host has to confirm to an anxious crowd that he wasn't joking, that they'd have to wake up early and tune in for the result.

Those who watched the "Today" show Wednesday already know that America voted to save Damien, the most recently eliminated contestant, who sang "Grenade," by Bruno Mars.

We can’t say we’re shocked by the vote to save Damien, as his performances have drastically improved each week. His two songs in the semifinals were among the best of the evening. While many fans are probably upset that their wild-card pick didn’t get pushed through to the finals, Damien fans can rest easy now that he’s secured the first ever wild-card position on “The Voice.”

The four will compete once more on Monday’s show at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.