Is your hangover from last week's presidential debate finally gone? Good, because it's time for the veep candidates to debate.

Running mates Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will face off Tuesday at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. Though their matchup certainly won't provide anywhere near the amount of drama the first debate did, it will be interesting — if only because both men will have to spend most of the show cleaning up after their candidates.

Stay awake during Tuesday's debate by engaging in an all-American pastime: drinking alcohol and trying to forget your problems. Grab an adult beverage, put on a live stream and consult these rules, with suggestions from amNY and Debate Drinking.

Be responsible.

Take a sip of your drink if/when...

... either candidate talks about the state he represents or the Bible.

... Hillary Clinton's pneumonia or email scandal comes up.

... Pence talks about the Second Amendment or the Constitution.

... either candidate looks embarrassed by what he's having to talk about.

... Kaine talks about the military or middle class.

... Pence gets a question about Monday's ruling that he can't prohibit Syrian refugees from receiving aid in his state.

Take a gulp if/when...

... the moderator has to ask the crowd to quiet down.

... the men mention their sons in the Marine Corps.

... Pence reminds the crowd he won't participate in a negative campaign.

... Kaine has to talk about that time he said Bill Clinton should have resigned.

... Pence weirdly references Donald Trump's broad shoulders.

... Kaine speaks Spanish.

Guzzle your beverage if/when...

... you think Kaine might be wearing mascara.

... Russian President Vladimir Putin comes up.

... Pence gets called out for all the times he disagreed with Trump.

... someone gets the sniffles.

... Kaine makes a dad joke.

... you find yourself pining everyone's favorite uncle, Joe Biden.

And finish your drink if...

... Kaine whips out his harmonica and Pence starts hawking his wife's towel charms.