• Maggie will return in "The Walking Dead" Season 11
  • Maggie may kill Negan since Rick can't stop her
  • Negan was kept alive for the Whisperers storyline

The production of “The Walking Dead” Season 11 hasn’t yet started and the release date is yet to be announced. However, the fans can expect the show to introduce a new faction and new villains, and that means there will be more gruesome deaths in the post-apocalyptic zombie world.

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) will be back on the show, and she may do something dramatic after her return. The one character who is in danger of losing his life because of her return is Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). The two characters haven’t really been on friendly terms ever since the leader of the Saviours was introduced on the show.

Negan’s fate was seemingly sealed when he killed people dear to Maggie. In fact, director Greg Nicotero wanted the leader of the Saviours to be killed way back in Season 8. In an interview with Collider, Nicotero said that he requested showrunner Scott Gimple to let Maggie kill the villain or at least shoot him.

It would have been a natural reaction for Maggie to shoot Negan after Rick (Andrew Lincoln) spared his life. The decision to keep im alive may have something to do with Negan’s importance for the Whisperers storyline, which is now complete. Now that Rick is also gone, will Maggie finally kill the former leader of the Saviours in “The Walking Dead” Season 11?

Apart from Maggie, another major character who may return eventually is Michonne (Danai Gurira). According to CBR, the show can bring the character back with some exciting new storylines. Michonne can be seen building a new community, she can go back and explore her past, she can be a part of Judith’s (Cailey Fleming) vision, she can be the one to rescue Rick, or she can start a new journey to find a cure to the zombie apocalypse.

The TV series has to move towards some form of a conclusion because the source material in the comics has come to an end. According to Screen Rant, the TV series has enough material to end in 2022 if the producers don’t wish to go beyond the stories in the comics.

“The Walking Dead” Season 11 is supposed to air later in 2020. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date.

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Negan is back in "The Walking Dead" Season 10. The Walking Dead/Facebook