"The Walking Dead"
Long live “The Walking Dead”! Rick Grimes, Lori Grimes, and all the cosmetically challenged in their corner of television Zombieland most likely had a bigger audience than usual this Sunday because of the announced settlement of the Voom HD Holdings LLC v. EchoStar Satellite LLC lawsuit. AMC

We've got some exciting news for those dying for another bite out of season three of "The Walking Dead." Another promo poster for the new season of the hit AMC show has surfaced.

The new leaked photo comes from a fan that attended Comic Con 2012. Displaying "The Walking Dead AMC" across the bottom, the poster doesn't reveal much about season three. Rick stands at the center of the photo with his crew of survivors in the background around him. While the group seems to be paired up, Rick's solidarity on the poster really enforces the "do what it takes" leader image that he ended last season with.

No characters that survived the season two finale seem to be absent, but the poster does reveal four newcomers. Standing next to Andrea is Michonne, a familiar character from the graphic novels that made a brief appearance at the end of last season. Behind Michonne are her two chained up armless and mouth-less zombie groupies who also could be found with her as she rescued Andrea in the finale. The final newcomer to grace his presence on the poster is The Governor, a villain and major obstacle for our group of survivors in season three.

Compared to the previously leaked poster from Comic-Con, this photo is a bit of a dud. The original poster released showed fearless leader Rick front and center with Michonne and The Governor to his side. The Governor stands with what looks like a helping hand while a mysterious helicopter hovers above him. Michonne, still with her two zombie pets, wields a sword, a weapon fans were able to see her utilize successfully in the season three trailer that was released at Comic-Con.

Neither poster tease at the deaths that "Walking Dead" exec Glen Mazzara promised to Collider.

"You'll have to find out when you watch it - but there are certainly deaths coming out throughout the [third] season," Mazzara explained. "[Those] sort of hard-hitting emotional deaths are still going to be a a part of the show for as long as it'll be around."

As for new character the Governor, Mazzara had to say this: "Trust me - he is a lot to handle. Rick and the group are going to have their hands full."

To check out the new "Walking Dead" season three poster click here.

"The Walking Dead" premieres on AMC on October 14.