It’s here! Hungry fans of “The Walking Dead” got their first taste of season four thanks to the AMC show’s panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego Friday. With a premiere date finally in sight -- Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. EDT -- we’re breaking down the trailer and giving you 19 clues from the highly anticipated fourth season of the hit zombie series.


1. Searching For Something -- Food has always been a necessity for Rick’s group, but a trip to a Big Spot! store appears to be for more than that. “We go in and stay in formation for the sweep,” Sasha tells a heavily armed group consisting of Michonne, Tyreese and a few others. “After that, ya’ll know what you’re supposed to look for.”

Whether the trip be for food, drugs, baby supplies or something to help bolster protection around the prison -- it doesn’t go well. Despite a sweep, the store still erupts in screams and gunshots.

2. Growing Walkers -- With more people at the prison comes more walkers. “We had a pretty big buildup overnight,” Carol tells Daryl. “Dozens more towards tower three.” But while a growing number of walkers may have scared the group in the past, they have new hands that are able to help them hold down the fort.

3. New Protection -- More people to protect means better security. The prison now has a series of knives hooked around the fence for easy walker combat, as well as stakes surrounding the gate (possibly inspired by Morgan) in an attempt to keep the zombies from getting too close to the entrance gates.

4. Evolution Of The Walkers -- Rick’s group might be evolving in the way they survive, but it also seems as if the walkers are as well. “They don’t spread out anymore,” Carol tells Daryl of the growing crowd of zombies. “It’s manageable but unless we get ahead of it not for long.”

5. New Additions -- The people at the prison and the heightened security aren’t the only new things at the prison. Michonne can be seen riding in on a horse, while it appears that Rick and Carl might be working on a prison garden for the group.

6. A Breach -- Just as in season three of “The Walking Dead,” walkers breached a cellblock in the prison. “There’s walkers in D,” Glenn yells as mass chaos breaks out. Heading in without fear, Glenn begins fighting the walkers while Daryl swoops in and saves a small child.

“What happened in there?” Maggie asks, scared. “Someone attacked the cellblock,” Rick reveals.

7. A New Group In Charge -- After Rick’s breakdown (and hallucinations) in season three, it seems like a committee for the prison was put together. In the group is Carol, Daryl, Sasha, Glenn and Hershel.

8. Detective Rick -- “They’re not going anywhere, we’ll find him,” Rick tells Tyreese about the people behind the breach of the cellblock. Using his old sheriff skills to solve the crime, Rick finds clues around the area leading him to believe that the group targeting them has “numbers.” He explains, “People are the best defense against walkers.”

9. Bob Stookey -- One of the newest additions to the prison group is Bob Stookey. “I’d like to start pulling my weight around here,” he tells Sasha and Tyreese. “Let me earn my keep.”

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Stookey, a former Army medic, has seen things “go bad over and over, and winding up in this stable place doesn’t shake him from his experience. He struggles with that.”

He definitely appears to be struggling in another clip as he looks in a mirror and shakily looks at his blood-covered hand. Whether it is his own, another human’s, or a walker’s, has yet to be revealed …

10. Zombie Apocalypse School -- When the Governor took the people of Woodbury to go fight the prison, he left behind the children. Now that they are at the prison, Carol and the group are doing everything in their power to teach them how to protect themselves. “Today we’re talking about knives,” Carol tells the kids. “How to use them, how to be safe with them, how they can save your life.”

11. On The Run -- “We need a place to go,” Hershel can be heard saying. But unfortunately the group’s options for a safe haven are slim. “If Woodbury was still in one piece,” a woman suggests, but is quickly shot by down by Daryl who tells her, “It ain’t.”

“We might be safer outside those walls,” Hershel throws out there.

12. A Gruesome Discovery For Tyreese -- Discovering a trail of blood leading outside, Tyreese finds a series of gasoline cans -- and, judging the horrified look on his face, potentially a body.

13. A Big Loss -- “We just lost 12 of our own,” Hershel can be heard saying. “Two of them were killed in cold blood.” But how far into the season the loss occurs is unknown. However, it’s important for “Walking Dead” fans to consider that the season four premiere title is called “30 Days Without An Accident.”

“Everything we’ve been working so hard to keep out has found its way in,” Hershel continues.

14. Compromised Fence -- Carol warned of a growing number of walkers around the prison fence, and thanks to someone planting a series of dead rats around it, the walkers look like they are coming pretty close to breaking it down.

15. Dangerous Situations -- With small clips, both Tyreese, Carol and many others find themselves walking the fine line of becoming zombie kibble. For Tyreese, his brush with death comes when the car he is in becomes overcome by zombies and he’s forced to go out and fight with his hatchet. Meanwhile, Carol seems to be fidgeting with a hose outside the prison walls when an alarming number of walkers start heading her way. Whether these two survive remains a mystery as major deaths in season four have been kept hush-hush.

17. Tension Grows -- Tyreese finds himself getting into an altercation with Daryl, but punches Rick after he’s told to “calm down.” Meanwhile, Rick is later seen on top of a mystery person, punching them.

18. Love Interests -- Glenn and Maggie will still be together after getting engaged at the end of season three, and it appears something might be happening between Daryl and Beth. A quick shot shows Beth embracing the crossbow-wielding survivor -- but whether it’s just a friendly move or something more remains unknown.

19. Other Survivors -- Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob Stookey find themselves listening to another voice on the radio while in the car. While the voice is hard to understand because of the static, it sounds like it is saying, “Sanctuary, those who arrive, survive."