“The Walking Dead” is all set for its Fourth of July weekend marathon, but zombie fans don’t need to wait until then to get some scoop on the highly anticipated new season. The premiere-episode title has reportedly leaked online, and it’s pretty juicy.

The episode-one title spoilers come courtesy of TVLine.com. According to the site, a source has revealed that episode 401 was penned by new showrunner Scott M. Gimple and is currently titled “30 Days Without An Accident.”

While we don't have exact details on the season four premiere, its title definitely teases the previously talked-about time jump. For those who don’t recall, it’s rumored that season four will pick up sometime between 4 and 11 months after the Governor’s attack.

The meaning of “30 Days Without An Accident” won’t be revealed until episode one premieres on AMC in October, but we’ve come up with a few theories:

-Rick’s prison group has managed to go 30 days without being attacked by zombies or having any casualties.

-The Governor, who has run off with his two cronies, has been able to go 30 days without snapping.

-The phrase “30 days without an accident” is generally found in work environments. Leaked photos revealed that some filming took place at a “Big Spot.” The title could possibly refer to another group of survivors who were going strong until something or someone got them.

-Between seeing his dead wife and talking to dead friends on the phone, Rick was definitely all sorts of crazy by the end of season three. So the title could mean that Rick has been sane for 30 days.

-Beth is now potty-training Baby Judith, who was able to go 30 days without an accident. (We can all imagine how difficult it must be to change a diaper in the middle of fighting/running from zombies.)

Whatever the title might refer to, we're pretty sure those 30 days will be over by the end of episode one. As we previously reported, executive producer and special FX makeup designer Greg Nicotero dished to AMC’s blog that some “great drama and great action” will be going down in the premiere, which he directed.

“In the first episode this season, one of the guys in my crew was like, ‘You did every gag that you ever did in three years of ‘The Walking Dead’ in one episode,’” Nicotero teased. “We had walkers. We had mummified corpses. We had puppets. We had zombie bites…”

The unfortunate person to suffer a zombie bite is currently a mystery, but fans should keep in mind that in the season three premiere Hershel was able to survive a zombie bite thanks to a quick amputation of his leg.

And what about the leaked photos circulating of an injured Rick? The official “first-look” photo that dropped in May showed Rick bandage-free in the woods, so we’re going to assume that the Sheriff won’t injure his hand in the premiere. However, an injury is always a possibility … especially since the “first-look” shows a zombie behind Rick.

What are your thoughts on the season 4, episode 1, title of “The Walking Dead?” Sound off in the comments section.