A new threat grows, a character flexes their evil muscle and zombies threaten prison walls. Episode 3 of ‘The Walking Dead’ aired with the new threat that continues to gain momentum with flu-like symptoms.

The killer of Karen and David is revealed to be Carole who has fast developed into a suspicious character, a far cry from her helpless yet caring persona in season 1 and 2. Her behavior from this episode could indicate that she is in fact spiraling out of control, but as of yet there has been no reason as to why she did it.

While walkers have always been a threat, their danger continues to mount. The prison is no longer safe, and the threat of a zombie takeover continues to mount. By the end of episode 3 it was clear that no one inside the prison is safe.

Reporter Amanda Remling sat down with IBTimesTV to analyze what exactly happened in episode 3 and what we can expect to see in episode 4 and some spoilers for the season ahead.