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"The Walking Dead" episode 13 - "Alone." AMC

Episode 12 of “The Walking Dead” may have been a little slow, but episode 13, "Alone," certainly kicked it up a notch. The episode focused on two groups -- Sasha, Bob and Maggie in one group and Daryl and Beth in the other -- and it begins with neither of them in great shape. Check out the top eight moments that occurred in episode 13:

Bob’s Backstory

Bob was introduced at the beginning of Season 4 as a survivor who Daryl found while jogging. In this episode, his life pre-prison appears in a flashback.

Drinking cold medicine and seeking shelter in caves and on top of trucks, Bob had seemingly given up hope -- until Daryl and Glenn found him on the road. Bob explained to Daryl and Glenn that he was with two groups previously but that neither of them made it. Upon learning that, Daryl asked him the “three questions” -- How many walkers did he kill? How many humans did he kill? And why?

Bob revealed that he had only killed one person … because she asked him to. But when Daryl and Glenn asked if he had any questions for them, Bob replied no. “Doesn’t matter who you are,” he said before jumping in the back of the truck.

Sanctuary For All

Bob, Sasha and Maggie are continuing their hunt for Glenn when they come across a sign for Terminus. Bob remembers the “sanctuary for all” from the broadcast message that he heard, and the trio eventually decide to trek there in hopes of finding some of the other prison survivors – despite Sasha’s doubts.

Sasha argues that it sounds too good to be true and that it’s too far. However Maggie firmly believes that Glenn would try to find her there.

Softening Up Daryl

Beth accidentally steps in an animal trap, leading her and Daryl to seek shelter in a funeral home at a cemetery. Beth is hopeful that someone will be inside, but Daryl warns her that he doesn’t “think the good ones survived.”

As “Walking Dead” viewers learned last week, Daryl doesn’t think he’s one of the good ones. But it appears as if Beth might be softening him up. Besides carrying her on his back, he also held her hand and put flowers on a headstone of a grave that read “Beloved Father.”

New Love

Maggie ends up leaving a note and ditching Bob and Sasha because she didn’t want to endanger their lives. And while Sasha wants to find shelter in an apartment building, Bob wants to chase after Maggie. Sasha doesn’t understand why; Bob explains to her that he broke his streak of being alone and doesn’t want Maggie to be alone.

“So this is it?” Sasha asks when they come across a building close to the tracks. “It doesn’t have to be,” Bob tells her. But Sasha is stubborn.

“I’m gonna try something here,” Bob says before leaning in to kiss her. But even the kiss won’t change her mind.

“You don’t have to do it,” she pleads, trying to convince him to stay with her. “You don’t have to be alone again.” However Bob doesn’t change his mind, and he heads back out on the railroad tracks.

Maggie’s Journey

Maggie is trekking to Terminus alone and leaving notes for Glenn (in walker blood) along the railroad tracks. But eventually Maggie begins to doubt her journey. Finding a building along the tracks, Maggie stops to wait for Sasha and Bob but becomes overwhelmed by the large number of walkers there. Managing to kill a handful, Maggie hides between the bodies in order to survive -- and fortunately Sasha spots her.

Looking out a window from the top floor of the building, Sasha is shocked to find Maggie in a pile of walkers and immediately rushes out to help her. The pair manages to fight off the batch before catching up.

Sasha reveals to Maggie that Bob went out looking for her, and Maggie opens up about stopping to wait for them. However Maggie warns Sasha that just because she stopped doesn’t mean that she’s giving up on Terminus and Glenn.

“I need your help,” she tells Sasha. “Because I can’t do it myself.”

Maggie successfully convinces Sasha, and the pair head out on the tracks to find Bob -- who is overjoyed to have his “family” back.

Daryl And Beth’s New Shelter Gone Wrong

The funeral home Beth and Daryl find is clean and stocked with food -- but without a speck of dust. Setting up a can trap by the front door as a safety measure, Daryl and Beth decide to stay the night, believing that someone might be coming back. The pair receive an unexpected visitor when a stray dog shows up at the door. The dog ends up running off scared, and Beth decides to leave a thank you note at the house. But Daryl offers her another option.

“Maybe you don’t have to leave that,” he tells her. “Maybe we stick around here for awhile. If they come back we’ll just make it work.”

The pair is interrupted by the dog barking outside; Daryl decides to take some food in a last attempt to get him. However, he makes the mistake of opening the front door without looking and finds himself quickly overrun by walkers. Telling Beth to grab her bag and run, Daryl manages to fight off a handful of walkers before following her out of the house. But it’s too late. When he gets outside he finds Beth’s bag abandoned and a car with a cross in the back window speeding away.

Daryl’s New Group

After running on the road after the car that took Beth, Daryl eventually falls to his knees in defeat when he comes across railroad tracks. But Daryl doesn’t stay alone for long.

Remember the group of bandits that Rick came across at the house he was temporarily staying at? Unfortunately for Daryl, that group finds him and surrounds him … with their weapons raised.

While he manages to punch the leader in the face, the other men have their weapons focused on him. And even though two of the men seem to want Daryl’s vest and crossbow, it doesn’t appear as if they are going to kill him.

“Suicide is stupid,” the leader tells Daryl. “Why hurt yourself when you can hurt others?”

The leader introduces himself as Joe, and when Daryl gives his name the men lower their weapons.

Another Group Heads To Terminus

“Alone” ends with a scene that has only one character: Glenn. The camera pans to a hand touching the Terminus map, revealing to viewers that Glenn is about to head to the sanctuary as well.

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Walking Dead
"The Walking Dead" episode 13 - "Alone" AMC