Walking Dead
The group will encounter more herds of zombies in season four of "The Walking Dead." AMC/ Screen Shot

Ever wish that “The Walking Dead” had more zombie action in it? Absolutely love when the herd of walkers came barreling through Hershel’s farm in season two? Well then you’re in luck! When the hit AMC series returns for its fourth season on Sunday, Oct. 13, it’s bringing more zombies than ever.

A couple months still remain until season four of “The Walking Dead” premieres, but the network is keeping fan hunger at bay by releasing “dispatches from the set” on its blog. The latest set member that “The Walking Dead” blog has talked to about the upcoming season is Director of Photography Mike Satrazemis.

Satrazemis was questioned about the rumors of a “bunch” of walker herd scenes, and according to the director of photography the rumors are true!

“There’s going to be a good deal this season, more than we’ve ever seen,” he dished. “It’s great to shoot those. We can put on the widest lens we have and fill it with information – people and walkers. And it’s crazy to see that many walkers. The amount of work that Greg [Nicotero – executive producer and special FX makeup designer] and those guys had to do this season to get it together is pretty mind-blowing. But yeah we have some massive herds, and it becomes pretty overwhelming.”

The rumors of herds started when set photos from Plant Yates, a Georgia power plant, leaked in late June.

“Security has been very tight at this location with not only law enforcement present, but also Georgia Power’s own security personnel, which are always in the area,” explained website Walking Dead Locations, which acquired the photos. “Because of this, photos of the location have been all but impossible to come by.”

Fans were able to sneak some photos and reported back to the site that it’s “a fairly large filming event” with about 120 production personnel and 200 extras on hand.

You can catch new episodes of “The Walking Dead” when the premiere airs on AMC on Sunday, Oct. 13. Are you excited for more zombie herds? Let us know in the comments section.