“The Walking Dead” has no problem saying goodbye to cast members. Over the past three seasons, viewers have been forced to bid adieu to Sophia, Dale, Shane, T-Dog, Lori, Merle and Andrea (among countless others). With the fourth season of the AMC zombie series quickly approaching, odds are high that another fan favorite will be biting the dust.

While no character deaths have been confirmed, a rumor circulating around “Walking Dead” fan sites is that the Greene family patriarch, Hershel, will be getting killed off this season. Where exactly do the rumors stem from? Actor Norman Reedus’ Instagram photos and general knowledge about cast rituals.

On July 23, Reedus, who plays crossbow-wielding heartthrob Daryl Dixon, posted a few photos of what appears to be dinner with some cast members. In the photos Reedus can be seen with Jon Bernthal (deceased Shane Walsh) and Sarah Wayne Callies (deceased Lori Grimes). The “Walking Dead” cast could just be getting together for fun – or they could be holding one of their “Death Dinners.”

Walking Dead
It's speculated that this photo taken by Norman Reedus on July 23 could be of a "Walking Dead" "death dinner." Norman Reedus

For those unfamiliar with the cast’s odd (but touching) tradition, they hold a “death dinner” every time a character gets killed off. “It gives everyone a chance to get properly sauced and say, ‘We’re going to miss the hell out of you,’” Callies revealed to Rolling Stone after her character was killed in season three. “Since the show has gotten more heart, we now have to disguise it as a birthday party so the wait staff doesn’t spill spoilers.”

Could the photos that Norman Reedus posted be hinting at the death of someone? That’s the theory. As for the “death dinner” victim being Scott Wilson’s Hershel, that stems from more photos that Reedus posted at the beginning of August. Wilson can be smiling and lounging on set in a dirty shirt and suspenders in the two photos, taken a day apart. Wilson’s shirt appears bloodier the following day, which is the reason people think Hershel will be biting the dust.

Walking Dead
Scott Wilson was photographed relaxing on "The Walking Dead" set by Norman Reedus. The photo on the right was taken the day after the first one and appears to show Wilson's character, Hershel, covered in more blood. Norman Reedus

Still, we’re not too sure about Hershel’s grim future. If the cast really did hold a “death dinner,” would it really take place before the character actually filmed his final scene? And would Scott Wilson really be looking so happy if his character was killed off? Or could Hershel be covered in blood because he was trying to save someone from a zombie bite or another miscellaneous wound?

So many questions with no answers! Do you think Norman Reedus’ photos are incriminating? Let us know your thoughts on a major character death in season four of “The Walking Dead.”