The zombie apocalypse may be going nuclear. Fans of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” have spotted the cast and crew filming at a power plant in Georgia. Season four of the hit series is slated to premiere this fall, and fans uncertain about a slow season should stuff their worries in a sack. While no real plot-line spoilers have been leaked, photographs from set locations around Georgia are proving to be pretty interesting.

The latest set photos come courtesy of Walking Dead Locations, which has online presences at Facebook and its own website. Posted early this month, the pictures emailed to the fan site by “Dead” heads show white tents set up at Plant Yates in Coweta County.

“Security has been very tight at this location with not only law enforcement present, but also Georgia Power’s own security personnel, which are always in the area,” Walking Dead Locations explained. “Because of this, photos of the location have been all but impossible to come by.”

The site did receive photos courtesy of an anonymous fan, but the shots only show production tents set up near the power plant. Rumors circulating in the area reveal that it’s a “fairly large filming event” with about 120 production personnel and 200 extras on hand. (Do we have another zombie herd coming?) While it is not certain, the website believes the plant location will be featured early on in the season, somewhere around episode two or three.

Plant Yates isn’t the only location in Georgia where “The Walking Dead” crew has been spotted. In mid-May, the fan site posted pictures from an old Wal-Mart/Winn Dixie store parking lot in Griffin, Ga. The closed-down retail location had been turned into a “Big Spot” for season four. Photos show military tents and trucks surrounding the area, leading onlookers to speculate that filming will mainly be outside instead of inside the store.

The location may play only a minor part in the show, as filming at the “Big Spot” was reportedly completed in just one day. Another rumor circulating the “Big Spot” area is that a plane is going to crash into the building, “or that it was going to be made to look that way.” (Click here to check out the set photos.)