Get ready to say goodbye to some characters on “The Walking Dead.” The mid-season finale, episode 8, is set to air on AMC on Sunday, Dec. 1, and unfortunately a deadly war is brewing between the Governor and the prison.

As we reported back in August, Daryl’s Norman Dixon promised fans that the mid-season finale would be “mind-blowing.”

“I will say that we just wrapped the midseason finale last night of ‘The Walking Dead,’ mind-blowing. Minds are going to blow up. It’s so crazy. It’s so good," he dished at Chicago’s Comic Con. "We thought last season was real good. This season’s crazy good. It’s nuts, you’ll love it.”

“All will fight … some will fall,” teases the promo video for “Too Far Gone.” But who will bite the dust? We’re breaking down who we think won’t make it past the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead.”


“We need to move … now,” The Governor can be heard saying in a sneak peek video for episode 8. ”They’re going to realize their people are gone and they’re going to start getting ready for what’s next. We need to surprise them, scare them … and we will win.”

At the end of episode 7, the Governor spotted Michonne and Hershel in the woods just outside the prison. Our theory is that the Governor somehow managed to capture the pair … and that Hershel might find himself in a grave situation.


Both Lori and baby Judith ended up dying in “The Walking Dead” comics when the Governor attacked the prison. Since Beth has taken over Lori’s role with baby Judith, it’s possible that Beth might find herself in harms way while protecting the baby.


“Walking Dead” fans will remember that the Governor’s henchmen don’t have a great track record. The Governor ended up killing Merle and Martinez and would have probably ended up killing Shumpert if a walker hadn’t got to him first. With Mitch as the Governor’s new right hand man we don’t picture him living too long.

Lily And Megan

The Governor already lost his daughter, Penny, and his dream town at Woodbury. What better way to continue breaking him down than to take away the two people that gave him hope again – Megan and Lily. We doubt that we’ll lose both of them in episode 8, but one would be a significant  enough blow for the Governor.

With numerous lives at risk, there are a couple characters who we feel are safe from harm. So, who will make it out alive in episode 8?


Maggie’s Lauren Cohan will be on “The Talking Dead” following episode 8 of “The Walking Dead.” The aftershow has a nasty habit of bringing on fallen characters after their demise … but we have a feeling that Maggie will be safe since “The Talking Dead” is also promising a “surprise ‘Walking Dead’ cast member.”


“The Walking Dead” writers know better than to kill Daryl Dixon off and have a riot on their hands.


Carl is supposedly going to turn into a real tough fighter during season 4. We can’t picture Carl getting killed off when his young character has so much potential.


We’ve seen some messed up scenarios on “The Walking Dead,” but we can’t imagine them letting baby Judith get caught in the crossfire between the Governor’s group and the prison.

Who do you think will die in the mid-season finale of “The Waking Dead”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.