Walking Dead
Episode 7 - "Dead Weight" Gene Page/ AMC

“Walking Dead” fans looking for more Rick and Daryl action were left a little disappointed after episode 7, “Dead Weight.” However the AMC series did provide more details about the Governor post-Woodbury … and things got a little grisly.

What happened in episode 7? We’re breaking down the top 7 moments of “Dead Weight”:

Welcome Back, Governor

Episode 6 concluded with the Governor falling into a zombie trap with Megan. After killing the handful of zombies stuck inside, Martinez appeared above the Governor … shocked to find him and a child.

After watching the Governor’s meltdown in Woodbury in season 3, it would be easy to understand if Martinez decided not to help him or sent him packing. But Martinez did neither. Instead he welcomed the Governor (even calling him Brian) and his new family into their camp … with two warnings. No. 1 – Martinez is in charge now, and No. 2 – no dead weight.

Brian’s group becomes a stable part of Martinez’ camp with Brian going on supply runs, Lily setting up a nurse station and Tara assisting with security. But Martinez reveals to Brian that he almost didn’t let them into the camp.

“If it was just you I wouldn’t have brought you into the camp,” he tells his former boss. “Wasn’t for the people you were with … the girl.”

Martinez continues to tell the Governor that he seems “different now … changed.”

“Are you?” he asks.

“I am,” Brian responds.

Shumpert’s Fate

After the Woodbury slaying, the Governor had spared his two minions – Martinez and Shumpert. While Martinez is running the new camp of survivors, Shumpert has been missing from the scene. Martinez reveals to Brian that “Shumpert was never the same after Woodbury.” Getting reckless, Shumpert was attacked by a walker at the new camp. Martinez was forced to put him down.

Goodbye, Martinez

While the Governor is embracing his new life as Brian with Lily and her family, Martinez seems to be threatening that. Taking Brian to the top of his RV to play golf (and have Brian be his caddy), Martinez tells him that they can share the power and command over the group. But it doesn’t appear as if Brian wants that.

Taking a golf club, Brian goes Governor on Martinez, knocking him on the head with the stick. Completely snapping, he pushes Martinez off the roof of the RV. As Martinez struggles, the Governor drags him over to a walker pit. Yelling “I DON’T WANT IT” to Martinez, the Governor feeds his former friend to the walkers.

Brian Breaks Through

Realizing what he did, the Governor returns to his RV and transitions back to peaceful Brian. The next day the camp discovers Martinez’ body and blames his death on him getting drunk and falling into the pit. Martinez had two second-in-commands, twin brothers Pete and Mitch, and Pete takes command of the group. But the Governor fears that Pete doesn’t have what it takes to keep the camp safe.

Late at night he makes Megan, Lily, Tara & Tara’s new flame Alicia pack their bags to flee the camp. Initially resisting leaving, Brian convinces the girls that it’s not safe for them anymore. However once they leave, a mud patch in the road filled with stuck walkers stops them in their path.

The hiccup forces them to return back to their camp. But they don’t return with Brian … they come back with the Governor.

Later, Pete

The Governor goes to see new leader Pete and quickly stabs him in the back. Covered in the blood of another man, the Governor pays a visit to Pete’s brother, Mitch. Holding a gun to him, the Governor tells Mitch that he’s running things now and will do everything he can to protect the camp. Fearing for his life, Mitch agrees to follow along with the Governor, and they tell the rest of the camp that Pete died on a supply run saving them. Martinez’ camp soon morphs into Woodbury 2, with the group building a perimeter and rounding up weapons.

But the Governor still thinks that they can find a better place to live … if they were willing to “fight for it.”

Megan’s Close Call

As the Governor talks with Lily about finding a new home, Megan finds herself face to face with a walker within their camp perimeter. Screaming as the walker grabs her, Tara tries her hardest to pull the zombie off her niece. But Tara’s efforts are no use because she only manages to peel the flesh off the walker.

The Governor manages to get a shot at the walker’s head, and Megan walks away unscratched. However, the attack on Megan makes the Governor more set on finding a safer place for the camp to live.

The Prison

Taking a drive after the walker breach, the Governor ends up in the woods by the prison … bringing “The Walking Dead” full circle. Spying Rick and Carl in the fields, the Governor pulls out his gun. Walking through the woods, he finds Hershel out in the open with Michonne … and the Governor holds up his gun to shoot.

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