“The Walking Dead” has been teasing fans about sanctuary since the start of Season 4, and episode 15 finally unveiled the mysterious new safe haven -- Terminus.

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For those that missed episode 15, Maggie and Glenn were reunited when their two groups stumbled across each other on the railroad tracks. Together the group of eight traveled to the end of the tracks, where they came across a large brick building labeled “Terminus.” Surrounded by a large unlocked fence, the survivors walked inside and were greeted … by a woman named Mary.

“Hi, I’m Mary,” said the mysterious woman. “Looks like you’ve been on the road while. Let’s get you settled and we’ll make you a plate. Welcome to Terminus.”

The episode ended with the survivors looking relieved, but it left viewers with more questions than ever. Is Terminus truly a sanctuary? Or did the group just walk into a trap?

The Terminus trap rumors have been rampant since the idea of a safe haven was first introduced. However, speculation went into overdrive once the eight members walked up to the sanctuary.

Like the prison, Terminus had a tall chain-link fence surrounding it. But unlike the prison, the lock securing the fence was unfastened, allowing any person -- dead, alive, evil or good -- to enter. No guards stood by the perimeter to watch for humans or walkers, and a second fence on the inside was also left unlocked. Inside the walls was a garden and specific stations to eat, cook, do laundry and other chores. But the grounds weren’t full of people soaking in the sun and going about their daily life. Instead, Maggie, Glenn and the others only found Mary cooking at a grill.

As “Walking Dead” executive producer Greg Nicotero teased the  Hollywood Reporter, Mary may have been the only Terminus resident introduced in episode 15, but that doesn’t mean she lives there alone.

“She’s the one that we see first but we’ll quickly meet others,” Nicotero explained. “In this particular situation, it’s easy for them to get in. It’s not like they had to go through checkpoints or anything. As they’re walking in to Terminus, the gate is open and there’s a note that says to close it behind you. We see flowers and we hear a bit of noise from some people milling about. Mary just happens to be the first one; she’s the welcoming committee.”

But who exactly is she? Unfortunately, Mary isn’t a character directly taken out of “The Walking Dead” comic books. One character named Mary does make an appearance in the graphic novels, though, but Mary is a 9-year-old girl featured in “The Road to Woodbury.” With the new character up in the air, “Walking Dead” viewers are speculating that Mary and the rest of the Terminus residents are actually part of the cannibals or “Hunters” that appear in the comics.  

For those unfamiliar with “The Hunters,” it’s a group of six people who turned to cannibalism after scavenging for food and hunting animals became too difficult. They initially began by feeding on the children in their group, but then began attacking small groups, loners and weak or injured survivors.

This theory about Mary being a cannibal would make sense because the “Terminus” and “Sanctuary” signs would draw food straight to them without having to venture out into the dangerous world. By first disarming the grateful humans, the cannibals could then pick them off one by one -- chaining them up until they were ready to feast on fresh flesh.

A morbid theory? Perhaps, but many “Walking Dead” fans seem to expect the worst from this new “safe haven.”

One Redditor came up with a theory based on the painting that Michonne and Carl found in episode 11 while searching a house for supplies. The painting was of a girl with a braid hanging to one side … and red paint dripping down the canvas. Two “X” marks can be seen on the painting -- one covering an eye and the second covering her mouth.

While the photo was just initially viewed as creepy, the Reddit user pointed out that the girl in the painting might actually be Mary. Both the girl in the painting and Mary have their hair styled the same way – either hinting at a grotesque ending for the Terminus resident; or that Mary is capable of horrifying and terrible actions.

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