Zombies, cannibals and gore -- oh, my! Make sure you’re in front of your television Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT because “The Walking Dead” will return to AMC for its highly anticipated fifth season.

Fans of the hit series have been left on the edge of their seats since Season 4 concluded March 30. Questions about Beth’s (Emily Kinney) whereabouts and whether Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his group accidentally walked into a cannibal trap at Terminus has been on the minds of viewers for months -- and, fortunately, answers are finally on their way!

Check out our spoiler roundup for “The Walking Dead” Season 5 before Episode 1 premieres on AMC Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT:

1. Season 5 Episode 1 Synopsis

According to a synopsis for the Season 5 premiere, titled “No Sanctuary,” viewers will discover the “true motives” of the Terminus folk. Meanwhile, “Rick and the others end up in a situation.”

2. First 4 Minutes Of The Season 5 Premiere

AMC released the first four minutes of “The Walking Dead” Season 5 premiere, and it features quite possibly the most disturbing scene in the history of the series -- and it doesn’t help stem the cannibal rumors that have been circulating. Click Click here to watch the Terminus residents face off against Rick’s group.

3. Gareth

Terminus leader Gareth (Andrew J. West) may appear to be like The Governor 2.0, but “Walking Dead” comic-book creator Robert Kirkman said the “similarities go away pretty quickly” in Season 5.

“I would state empathetically that he is definitely not the villain of Season 5,” Kirkman told TV Guide.

4. Tyler James Williams

“Go On” and “Everybody Hates Chris” alum Tyler James Williams will be joining the Season 5 cast of “The Walking Dead” as Noah. No information on his character has been released. However, the Hollywood Reporter noted that no character by the name of Noah exists in Kirkman’s graphic novels.

5. There Will Be -- Bodies

“The Walking Dead” has a history of killing off characters, but the body count was kept pretty low in Season 4: RIP, Hershel. Unfortunately, TVLine teases that that won’t be the case in Season 5.

6. Carol And Daryl

Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) were separated for most of Season 4 after Rick banished the longtime group member. Rick never got a chance to fully explain to Daryl what happened, but her estrangement from Daryl and the others “will be felt throughout the season.”

“It’s part of their history,” showrunner Scott M. Gimple told TVLine. “And they haven’t seen each other since it’s happened. So there will be a catching up to that fact.”

7. Comic-Book Scenes

Fans of “The Walking Dead” graphic novels will be happy to know the new season will feature events from the comics. Kirkman told San Diego Comic-Con, or SDCC, attendees the scenes will appear early on and that the season will end very close to the comics.

8. Gross Zombies

Every season, the AMC series brings the zombies to the next level. Executive producer and special-effects makeup supervisor Greg Nicotero said at the show’s SDCC panel that fans can look forward to bloated walkers who have been stuck in a flooded room.

9. Season 5 Location

As in past seasons, “The Walking Dead” will continue to introduce new locations. However, viewers can also look forward to the group returning to some recognizable spots.

10. Savages

Rick and the survivors have gone back and forth over acting like savages. Early on in the series, the group decided to spare a human life, but, at the beginning of Season 4, Carol burned two people alive because she wanted to stop disease from spreading. That internal battle will continue into Season 5.

“It’s a different reality that they find themselves in,” Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, told E Online. “It’s the decision to remain in humanity or completely let go and be a savage. That’s kind of the question that’s on every character’s mind, and it’s up to them to decide where they go.”

11. Father Gabriel

Comic-book character Father Gabriel will be making his way to the small screen. Fans are speculating the new character, who will be played by “The Wire” alum Seth Gilliam, will be tied into Beth’s mysterious kidnapping. In the graphic novels, Father Gabriel is a former pastor who locked his church doors and left those seeking sanctuary to be eaten alive by walkers.

12. Daryl Gets Engaged

Daryl will be a taken man in Season 5 -- just kidding. Reedus posted a funny behind-the-scenes photo of him with executive producer Nicotero.

13. A Gay Male Character To Be Introduced

Speculation about Daryl’s sexual orientation became a hot topic over the summer. While the mystery was never solved, showrunner Gimple did confirm that the series plans on introducing a gay male character. TVLine reported the timing of the introduction is being kept under wraps.

14. Possible Introduction Of Negan

“The Walking Dead” executive producers are being tight-lipped about the potential introduction of comic-book villain Negan. However, “The Strain” actor Kevin Durand allegedly told reporters he was “approached” to play the infamous bad guy.

15. Clean-Shaven Rick

A fan photo of Andrew Lincoln posted on Instagram shows the actor with a shaven face. As “Walking Dead” viewers are well aware, Lincoln’s character, Rick, has been sporting a pretty serious beard for the past couple of seasons.

16. Season 5B Premiere Date

Season 5 hasn’t even started yet, but, thanks to New York Comic Con, fans can mark their calendars for the premiere of the second half of the season. “The Walking Dead” will return for Season 5B Feb. 8.