WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do NOT continue reading unless you watched the Season 4 finale of “The Walking Dead.”

Since Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” ended, fans have been speculating about the horrors at Terminus. Based on the comics and a couple of creepy moments in the final episode, viewers have become pretty certain that Gareth, Mary and the others at Sanctuary are cannibals. Unfortunately, the theory was neither confirmed nor denied, until possibly now.

E! News posted a brief spoiler about the upcoming season of the AMC series, and the choice wording the site used makes it sound as if the people at Terminus are definitely cannibals.

“Our gang may have been in a tight-spot when we last left them, but Rick and Co. are going to be recruiting as many people as possible in order to get revenge on those man-eating freaks who run Terminus,” E! News revealed in its “Spoiler Chat.”

If that scoop wasn’t incriminating enough, the site continued that “The Walking Dead” would be introducing a new character that will be assisting the prison survivors in escaping Terminus.

According to E! News, the new character is 17-year-old Burton, who is not your average apocalypse survivor. Burton has lost a leg.

“Luckily Burton does not let his disability keep him down,” E! teases. “His positivity is infectious to everyone else around him.”

Burton’s character sounds very similar to the recently deceased Hershel, who was also known for his positive attitude. And, like Burton, Hershel also made do with his disability when he lost his foot to a walker bite. The twist here, however, could be how and when Burton lost his leg.

It’s unclear if Burton’s disability came prior to the zombie apocalypse or if it just recently happened, but his missing limb could shed some light on the possibility of Terminus being overrun by cannibals.

Those who are familiar with Robert Kirkman’s “Walking Dead” graphic novels know that “The Hunters”/cannibals like to prey on the weak. In the comics, the cannibals first fed on their children, when food grew scarce. After that, they generally took to attacking people who were alone or appeared injured and helpless. If Burton’s lost his leg prior to meeting the people at Terminus, it’s possible that they could have picked him out as a weak, easy target. But it’s definitely possible that Burton lost his leg at Terminus.

In the graphic novels, Dale went off into the woods to die on his own, after getting bit by a walker. Instead of succumbing to his bite, Dale ended up getting attacked by The Hunters, who chopped off Dale's leg to eat, not realizing that he had been bitten. When Dale woke up and discovered what happened, he dropped the bomb that he had a walker bite.

Since the AMC series doesn’t exactly follow the comic books, it’s possible that Burton could be the twist on Dale’s cannibal storyline.

Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC in October 2014. What do you think about Burton and the possibility of Terminus being full of cannibals? Let us know your thoughts and theories on the upcoming season of “The Walking Dead” in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.