At long last, the fate of Glenn (Steven Yeun) on “The Walking Dead” has been revealed. With the character [SPOILER ALERT] making his triumphant return after surviving his near-death encounter with a horde of walkers in Season 6, episode 3, he’s hitting the ground running in the role of not-so-reluctant father figure in episode 8.

In a sneak peek scene from the coming midseason finale of “The Walking Dead,” Glenn continues his journey back to the other side of Alexandria’s walls with runaway Enid (Katelyn Nacon). As CNN notes, it was revealed at the beginning of episode 7 that not only had Glenn survived the horde by shimmying underneath a nearby dumpster, but he’d been found by Enid as she ran away from Alexandria.

Glenn chased her and practically forced her to go back home with him, using nothing but his stern fatherly voice. It quickly became clear that Enid is terrified of losing more people in her life, but she followed Glenn as far as Alexandria’s walls. Unfortunately, once they arrived, they noticed that half of the massive horde had made its way to the community and is currently clawing at the walls. The clip from the midseason finale, titled “Start to Finish,” picks up just after that moment.

While Glenn is desperately scheming to get them both over the walls, Enid seems paralyzed with fear. When the time comes to start making moves, she informs Glenn that there’s no point and that everyone inside is a goner. She believes they can go in and live through the terror that’s bearing down on the Alexandrians or simply walk away and remain strong.

“We’re still here. Our friends are in there, people who care about you, my pregnant wife. If you want to run away, be afraid, forget about this -- just go,” Glenn tells Enid in the above episode 8 sneak peek. “But that’s how you lose people, even after they’re gone."

Although he got the ball rolling last week, Glenn seems to be in full paternal mode now that he’s the only adult charged with taking care of Enid. As previously reported, he had the chance to abandon her in episode 7 but simply couldn’t leave another human being behind, especially a young girl. With a pregnant wife and a new life as a dad waiting for him on the other side of the conflict with the walkers in Alexandria, only time will tell if the storyline ends in a happy reunion or a tragic loss. Fans will just have to tune into the Season 6 midseason finale of “The Walking Dead” in order to find out for sure.

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.