The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 4
Rick and the others get a surprise visit on Season 7, episode 4 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” AMC

There’s one question we had after watching Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead”: where’s Maggie!? In Season 7, episode 4, Negan makes a surprise trip to Alexandria to terrorize Rick and his group and to also take some of their belongings. Rick also informs Negan that Maggie is dead, but of course, there’s a twist.

The episode begins with Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) sleeping in bed. Michonne gets up and heads downstairs to their fire place, where she pulls out a rifle she hid inside. Rick is standing there watching her, but Michonne doesn’t say anything to him as she leaves the house. Michonne heads through the fields to an old abandoned car and climbs on the roof. She appears to be scanning the distance for something, possibly for Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Back at Alexandria, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) is guarding the front gate as he tries to fix a radio. Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Spencer (Austin Nichols) drive up to the front gate and ask Eugene to open the gate for them. Eugene doesn’t appear to hear them, and Rosita asks him again but not as nicely. Eugene tells them he’s working on trying to fix a radio to give to Negan’s men, The Saviors. Rosita and Spencer say they’re going out to gather stuff to give to The Saviors. Spencer invites Eugene to go with him, but he declines. Before Eugene can open the gate to let them out, they hear a bunch of cars driving up to the gate. Negan gets out and bangs his barbed-wire baseball bat Lucille on the gate to let the Alexandrians know he’s arrived.

Spencer opens one of the gates, but wants to know who Negan is. Rick walks up and reluctantly opens the gate, telling Negan that he’s early and he said they had a week to gather enough supplies for him. Negan’s brought a large group of people with him, including Daryl (Norman Reedus). As Negan enters Alexandria, he makes Rick hold Lucille. We know it has to be painful to hold the bat that killed Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), and we’re hoping Rick will hit Negan upside the head with it but he doesn’t.

The Walking Dead
Negan returns to Alexandria on “The Walking Dead.” AMC

Instead, Rick tries to talk to Daryl, but Negan immediately puts an end to it. He tells Rick that no one talks to Daryl, or he’s going to make Rick chop one of Daryl’s body parts off. Negan then has his men go and ransack each of the homes in Alexandria. He also wants Rick to give him a tour of Alexandria.

Meanwhile, Rosita still wants go on a supply run but Dwight (Austin Amelio) taunts her and makes her hand over her weapons and hat. Dwight wants Rosita and Spencer to go and find Daryl’s motorcycle and bring it back to him. Rosita and Spencer, with no weapons to defend themselves, set off to get the bike.

The next scene is about Michonne. She’s still sitting on the car, unaware of what’s happening at Alexandria. She spots a walker in the distance and uses her rifle to try and shoot it but she misses. She tries a second time, and misses. She tries a third time, and again misses. Michonne fires shot after shot, but doesn’t hit the walker. She eventually has to get down off the car and kill the walker with her katana. She leaves the vehicle and dead walker and she starts to make her way back to Alexandria. As she’s walking, she spots a deer lying on the ground. Her bullets may have missed the walker, but it struck the deer.

Back at Alexandria, The Saviors are taking mattresses and other furniture from the homes. Negan asks Rick where Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is. When Rick starts making sexual comments about Maggie, Rick’s hand tightens on Lucille but he doesn’t do anything. That’s when Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) sneaks up startling Negan. Negan pokes fun at Father Gabriel, and the priest asks him if he wants to pay his respects to Maggie. Negan asks if Maggie is dead, and Rick shakes his head yes. They take Negan to Maggie’s grave, where Negan disgustingly reveals that he wanted to take Maggie back to Alexandria with him. Suddenly, they all hear a gunshot.

Carl (Chandler Riggs) has a gun pointed at one of The Saviors. He’s mad that The Savior is trying to take all their medication instead of half like Negan said. Rick asks his son to put the gun down, and Carl threatens Negan. Negan tells Carl that he likes him but makes it clear that threats at him won’t be tolerated. Negan makes Carl lower the gun and hand it over to Rick. He then tells them what their punishment is going to be: he wants every gun they have at Alexandria.

Rick is forced to take Negan and some of his men to the armory, which Olivia (Ann Mahoney) is guarding. As The Saviors head to the armory to collect the guns, Negan tells Rick that he should be thankful he’s letting them keep their food. He also makes fun of Olivia and her weight. Rick refuses to say thank you, and Negan tells Rick that there better not be any guns missing from the armory. Rick says that to the best of his knowledge all the guns are in the armory.

The next scene focuses on Rosita and Spencer. They find Daryl’s bike hidden under some leaves and branches. As Spencer is putting the bike in the back of the van, he tells Rosita that he blames Rick for everything that happened. Spencer thinks that if Rick would have made a deal with The Saviors, Glenn and Abraham would still be alive. Rosita doesn’t appear to be listening to Spencer, and bolts off into the woods. She spots a group of walkers and kills them all with her knife. Rosita then takes the gun one of the walkers had. Rosita tells Spencer that she knows Negan is back at Alexandria taking all their guns, and she wants to make sure she’s prepared. The gun doesn’t have any bullets, but she pockets it anyway.

Once again, the next scene is back at Alexandria, where Negan is till terrorizing everyone. As his men are loading up the van with the guns, Negan’s grabs one of the weapons and points it at Daryl. Daryl doesn’t even flinch, just keeps loading more guns into the van. Negan then points the gun at a window and fires it. Suddenly, one of The Saviors pushes Olivia up the stairs and informs Negan that there are two guns missing from the armory. Rick and Olivia have no idea who has them and Negan threatens to kill Olivia if the guns don’t turn up.

Rick holds a meeting and tells everyone that he’s no longer in charge and Alexandria is run by Negan. He wants to know who has the guns, but no one fesses up. Eugene points out that two people are missing, and Rick goes and searches Spencer’s house. At first, the search doesn’t turn up guns. Father Gabriel is trying to calm Rick down and tells him that he has faith in Rick, and he thinks everything is going to be OK. While they’re talking, it’s also revealed that Maggie really isn’t dead and her grave is empty. That still doesn’t answer where Maggie has been hiding this whole time. Is she at the Hilltop with Carol (Melissa McBride) and Morgan (Lennie James) or hidden away in some secret bunker so Negan won’t find her?

Rick eventually finds the two missing guns under a floorboard in Spencer’s home. He also learns that Spencer has been stealing food and alcohol. Rick quickly gives the guns to Negan. As Negan and The Saviors are about to leave Alexandria, Rick spots Michonne. He asks Negan to give him a second and he goes and tells Michonne that she needs to hand over her rifle. Michonne doesn’t want to, but Rick tells her that Negan will kill somebody if any of them are seen with a gun. Michonne hands the rifle over, but she’s not happy about it.

Rick gives the rifle to Negan, and Negan tells Rick that they will come back to Alexandria soon. They better have something “interesting” for The Saviors or someone is going to die. He also warns Rick that they better not find any more guns at Alexandria. Rick has no idea Rosita has a gun on her.

The episode ends with Rick telling Michonne about Shane (Jon Bernthal) and how Judith isn’t really his daughter, but he learned to accept it so he could protect her. He tells Michonne they have to do the same thing now that Negan’s in charge. In the last few seconds of episode 4, Rosita spots a stray bullet on the ground and brings it to Eugene. She wants him to make her some more bullets.