The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 6
Tara discovers a new community in Season 7, episode 6 of “The Walking Dead.” AMC

A new group of survivors were introduced in Season 7, episode 6 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” On Sunday’s episode, viewers caught up with Tara and Heath. The pair has not been seen since last season when they left the Alexandria group to go on a two-week mission.

The episode goes back and forth between present day and the past. Things kick off with a scene of a beautiful beach and a disgusting-looking walker — or bobber as the beach people call it — stuck in the wet sand. The voice a young girl and older girl are heard talking. The little girl spots the walker and runs up to it and kills it. The girl spots another walker further down on the beach and runs up to getting ready to kill it. The older girl stops the young girl and tells her that it’s not a bobber, and the person is still alive. It turns out that it’s Tara (Alanna Masterson). The young girl still wants to kill Tara, telling the older girl that they’re supposed to kill strangers. The older girl, however, won’t let her and drags Tara’s unconscious body to a secluded area of the beach.

The next scene is a flashback and shows Tara and Heath (Corey Hawkins) sitting in a camper. Heath is ready for them to turn around and go back to Alexandria because they’ve been on their scavenging mission for two weeks and haven’t found anything to bring back. Tara doesn’t want to go back empty-handed because she knows the people at Alexandria are counting on them. Heath says they can go check out one more area and then they’re going back home.

Things then switch back to Tara unconscious on the beach. The older girl goes and checks on Tara, giving her two bottles of water, some food and a spear. Tara “wakes up” as the girl is walking away. Tara takes a few gulps of water, grabs the spear and heads into the woods after the girl. The girl doesn’t know Tara is following her so she heads back to her camp, a secluded area of cabins in the woods near the beach.

As Tara is sneaking around, she sees everyone running to a shed and grabbing guns. One lady starts shooting at Tara, and Tara takes off into the woods as a group of women run after her. Tara is able to take one of the guns from one lady and knocks her out with it. Tara turns to run off, but the little girl from the beach is pointing a gun at Tara. It’s revealed that the girl’s name is Rachel (Mimi Kirkland). Before Rachel can kill Tara, the older girl — Cyndie (Sydney Park) — steps in front of the gun and tells everyone to calm down. Tara apologizes and tells the group of women that she can just leave if they let her live.

In another flashback, Tara and Heath go explore a deserted bridge they found. As they’re looking around Tara spots a heavy bag half buried under a pile of sand and tries to yank it out. Heath tries to stop her, but Tara pulls the bag out and the pile of sand starts to crumble revealing a horde of walkers underneath. Tara starts shooting the walkers surrounding her, but she can’t get away because her leg is trapped underneath something. She calls to Heath for help, but he runs off, leaving her alone on the bridge.

The next scene is Tara handcuffed in one of the cabins in the woods. Three ladies come in and ask her where she’s from. Tara lies and tells them she’s from Atlanta and has been traveling with a friend for the past few years. Tara tells them they got separated on the bridge after they were attacked by walkers. The ladies don’t believe Tara and want to know how she found their camp. She tells them about Cyndie leaving her the food and water and says that she pretended to be unconscious and followed the girl to their camp. The ladies tell Tara that they’re not sure about whether they should let her go because she knows too much about their camp.

Later, one of the ladies comes and gets Tara and brings her to another cabin. The lady takes the handcuffs off Tara and invites her to join them for dinner so they can talk. They want Tara to stay at their camp, and says they will go and find her friend and bring him back too. Tara is confused why they would want her male friend to stay there too since she hasn’t seen any men at the camp.

They tell her that they got into a “skirmish” with another group and all the men in their camp were killed. They also tell Tara that they know she’s lying about where she came from. Tara then explains that she’s from a community that’s not too far away, and there were a group of people threatening them so her people went to their satellite post and killed them all. Tara says instead of her staying and living there, she wants both groups to work together and keep each other safe. Cyndie thinks it’s a good idea, but her grandmother doesn’t agree and thinks it’s too dangerous.

However, the grandmother tells Tara that they’re going to send two guides with her to help her find her friend and check out her community to make sure it’s safe. The next morning, Tara and her two guides head out to find Heath.

As Tara and the guides are walking, they see a walker. Tara offers to kill it but instead of taking the walker down she runs off into the woods. The guides shoot at her and Tara slips and falls into a ditch. One of the guides walk by the ditch without seeing her, and the other is near the ditch with her back towards Tara. Tara sneaks out of the ditch and attacks the woman but isn’t able to get the gun from her. Suddenly, Cyndie comes to Tara’s rescue and stops the guide from killing Tara. Cyndie tells Tara to run. Cyndie catches up with Tara and makes her swear that she’s not going to tell the Alexandria people about their camp in the woods. Tara swears and Cyndie gives Tara a backpack with water and food. She also gives Tara a spear and offers to show Tara how to get back to the bridge.

In another flashback, it’s revealed that Heath didn’t leave Tara alone on the bridge after all. He’s seen shooting at some of the walkers surrounding Tara, but he’s also trapped by walkers. Tara is trying to fight off walkers and get to Heath, but she falls over the bridge’s railing into the water below.

Back in the present day, Cyndie helps Tara fights through the walkers. Tara is trying to find Heath but doesn’t see him on the bridge. As she’s looking around she sees a walker with dreads, but when she gets closer, she realizes it’s not Heath. Tara continues searching for her friend and spots his glasses broken on the ground. She also sees tire marks in the dirt nearby, and starts to follow them. Tara doesn’t find Heath, but eventually makes her way back to Alexandria. She’s greeted by Eugene (Josh McDermitt), who’s crying. The episode ends with Tara upset and Rosita (Christian Serratos) asking Tara if she came across any places on her scavenging trip that had guns and ammunition. Tara thinks about it, but tells her she didn’t see any place like that.

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