Walking Dead
"Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, posted a funny photo on Instagram about a Season 6 relationship. Gene Page/ AMC

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne’s (Danai Gurira) romance is old news in the world of “The Walking Dead,” but AMC star Norman Reedus is only just chiming in.

Fans of “The Walking Dead” know that in the middle of fighting off walkers and attacking the Saviors, Rick and Michonne found a little bit of time for romance. The two, who have never been romantically linked before, kissed on the couch in episode 10. It wasn’t clear if they wanted to keep their relationship a secret, but the introduction of new character Jesus (Tom Payne) accidentally exposed their hookup to the rest of the survivors at Alexandria.

After the episode aired, Andrew Lincoln filmed a special interview for “The Talking Dead” in which he broke down the kiss scene. He joked that after the kiss, he said to Gurira, “You know, it’s a lot more fun working with you than Norman.”

Reedus, who plays character Daryl, posted a photo on Instagram of Lincoln’s quote. He added a very simple caption: “WTF.”



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Of course, Lincoln and Reedus are close after working with each other since the start of the AMC series in 2010. In fact, the two even opened up about their “bromance” to TVGuide during a fun photo shoot in January.

In an interview posted on the site, Lincoln joked that he hadn’t seen much of his character’s “bromance” with Daryl, which has been one of his “favorite aspects” of Season 6. Reedus responded by playfully punching Lincoln on the arm.

“We talk every day like little old ladies on the phone all the time,” Reedus revealed of his off-screen friendship with his co-star.

“My wife is getting concerned,” Lincoln added.

“The Walking Dead” Season 6 airs on AMC Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT.