Tyler James Williams miles morales
Tyler James Williams, pictured at the 26th Annual Producers Guild Of America Awards on January 24, 2015, read for the part of Miles Morales for a prospective Marvel movie. Getty Images

Tyler James Williams has battled the trauma of being a teenager in “Everybody Hates Chris” and the terrors of living in a post apocalyptic world in “The Walking Dead.” But now the 22-year-old actor is interested in embarking in a new journey -- a heroic one.

Williams dished to Flicks and the City that he would love to portray Miles Morales, a “Spider-Man” character who was rumored to be the focus of an upcoming Marvel movie. However, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada dispelled the gossip in March, confirming that the upcoming movie, set for a July 2017 release date, would be based on Peter Parker, the original web slingers storyline.

Miles was introduced to Marvel comic fans in 2011 following the gut-wrenching demise of Peter Parker in the Ultimate line of comics. It then became Miles’ job to keep the epic role of Spider-Man alive.

“I kind of followed the Miles Morales character quite a bit,” the actor said of being a fan of the fictional superhero inspired by President Barack Obama and actor Donald Glover.

Williams then divulged that he was “open to the idea” of bringing Miles to life, adding that he’s even gone as far as to read for the part for Marvel.

“I've read for them before. So I trust what their decisions will be. But yeah, I'd love to do it. I would absolutely love to do it,” he gushed, stating that there were a few other contenders in line for the part that made "sense” to take on the role. “I'd be stoked to do it.”

Williams wasn't the only one who liked the idea of him becoming Miles. Fans of the actor launched a campaign for the Hollywood star to portray the gallant role. And as appreciative as Williams was, he stated that he didn’t want to advocate for the part because he knew Marvel would cast with the best intentions for the film.

“I am not starting campaigns or anything for it because I trust Marvel,” he told Flicks and the City.

Would you like to see Williams portray Miles in a future Marvel flick? Sound off in the comments section below who you would like to see take on the beloved role.