Will Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) finally get his just desserts in “The Walking Dead” Season 7 finale? AMC

Brace yourselves, “The Walking Dead” fans — the Season 7 finale is going to be insane. Rick’s got an army behind him, Sasha’s infiltrated The Saviors headquarters and Negan has no idea what’s coming.

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple teased what’s to come in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He told “Walking Dead” fans the episode contains “everything.” There will be happy moments, sad moments and so much more all leading to a meaningful end for the dramatic season.

“It’s the highs and lows, brightness and darkness, alpha to omega, a quiet-loud-sad-happy tragiredemptive circus of emotion, anguish, and grace,” Gimple said. “I hope people feel it all come together and have that rush you feel when the roller coaster finally coasts back to the platform.”

This isn’t the first hint we’ve gotten about what’s to come in Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead.” In an earlier interview with the same publication, Gimple said the finale was a mix of emotions. He promised excitement, laughter, a major build up to something big and — perhaps most importantly — a real ending.

“It is everything and the kitchen sink. It is exciting and it’s very emotional and I believe it’s funny in a couple parts, and it builds and builds and builds and it explodes,” he told EW. “And though it promises more — because there is a whole lot to get to — there is an ending. It really is just a huge episode inasmuch as it has all off the flavors of this season.”

Stars of “The Walking Dead” have also gotten in on the spoilers. Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on the AMC series, told EW he “did a little jig” after reading the finale script. For the first time, viewers can expect the show to end on a high note.

“There’s a palpable sense of energy and excitement in that final episode,” Lincoln said. “I think that the crew felt it, this sort of brilliancy. And it was weird because it was the end of a long season and yet everybody was sort of champing at the bit to keep going. I’ve never felt that before in the show. Everybody was like, ‘Yeah, darn it, let’s do Season 8 now!’ It was a really unique situation and everybody felt it. So I think if we get it right, it will be an incredibly satisfying ending to Season 7.”

It remains to be seen what Gimple and Lincoln are getting at with their “Walking Dead” spoilers, but we’ve got a few ideas. The pair may be alluding to The Survivors plan to go to war with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and The Saviors. They may also be suggesting that Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), or someone else, will finally get their shot at her adversary.

Whatever the case, viewers will have to tune in to “The Walking Dead” Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on AMC to find out for sure how Season 7 ends.