Things are finally looking up for The Survivors on “The Walking Dead.” After their capture, Rick struck a deal with The Scavengers and it looks like this may be the start of a beautiful friendship — if only they can figure out how to keep Jadis happy.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) kick off Season 7, episode 12 of the AMC series on a quest for guns and supplies. They stumble upon a compound they think looks promising and boy, are they right. They crash land inside one of the buildings on the carnival grounds and get way more than they bargained for.

They’ve fallen into a food supply shed. The Survivors’ fearless leaders find themselves surrounded by canned food and ready to eat meals made for soldiers. They decide to fill their bellies and try to get a good night’s sleep before collecting the weapons and heading back.

Their initial plan for taking on the hoard of walkers fails, forcing them to come up with another. Rick and Michonne split up. They use barriers once meant to guard carnival rides serve as temporary protection while they cut off zombie’s heads.

Trouble strikes a second time when Rick gets distracted by a deer in the distance. He climbs a ferris wheel for a better view, falls and appears to be dinner for a hungry pack of zombies. Michonne is about ready to give up hope, when Rick emerges from a small hiding spot. The deer, however, isn’t so lucky.

It’s clear, as Rick and Michonne are leaving the fairgrounds with their loot, that their new reality is taking a toll on them. Rick addresses the snafu that almost cost him his life, revealing that his guilt has been keeping him up. Michonne seems ready to call it quits, but Rick is there to remind her why they’re fighting.

“You asked me what kind of life we had just surrendering. It wasn’t. It wasn’t a life....You showed me that,” he says. “You can lose me. I can lose you. We can lose our friends, people we love. It’s not about us anymore. It’s about a future.”

With that, the couple heads back to The Scavengers’ trash fortress to present Jadis (Pollyanna Macintosh) and her silent band of soldiers with their haul. Rick is furious when his captor isn't pleased with the 63 guns and heaps of food they’ve found and inventoried. He convinces her to let them keep 20 guns and agrees to go out looking for more.

“Yes. More soon. Will fight,” Jadis says, suggesting they’ll go into battle against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) with The Survivors.

Jadis The Survivors learn how hard it is to please Jadis (Pollyanna Macintosh) during “The Walking Dead” Season 7, episode 12. Photo: AMC

Michonne urges Rick to take a few more days before putting his plan to take down The Saviors evil leader into action. He agrees, but not everyone likes this idea. Rosita (Christian Serratos) is ready to fight — now.

As promised in the preview, she’s taking matters into her own hands. She picks a massive gun with a scope from the weapons haul and presents it to Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), promising to let her take the fatal shot. They agree to storm the Saviors headquarters together, knowing they may not make it out alive.

“I’m ready to kill him, but I need to make sure you know what this means,” Sasha says. “They can’t catch us alive. If they do, we give them something.”

In other words, things are getting real on "The Walking Dead." Tune in to AMC next Sunday at 9 p.m. EST for more.

Rosita Rosita (Christian Serratos) launches her own plan of a attack against The Saviors during “The Walking Dead” Season 7, episode 12. Photo: AMC