Walmart store
Two women in Indiana were caught on video in a local Walmart store engaged in a fist fight that involved a 6-year-old boy. Above, shoppers were seen outside a Walmart store in Rosemead, Calif., Jan. 29, 2014. Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Police in Beech Grove, Indiana were investigating a fist fight between two women in a Walmart store after a video appeared online showing the brawl. The video, which was uploaded to Youtube June 5, depicts two women repeatedly hitting each other in a Walmart aisle while a six-year-old boy stood nearby before adding several kicks and punches into the fray.

According to Fox59, the fight in the Beech Grove Walmart occurred last Thursday. Blows were exchanged after a woman shopping in a scooter and the mother of the boy hurled obscenties back and forth, before quickly moving towards the shampoo aisle as they pushed each other. Along with the witness who recorded the incident, a small crowd can be seen watching the fight, with people occasionally asking whether they should intervene. While several people discuss getting the store security to come and break up the fight, it does not show up in the video.

At one point in the video, while the mother held down the other woman, she shouted at the boy, "Johnny, punch her in the f---ing face." The boy could also be seeing kicking the woman and throwing shampoo bottles at her. When one bystander told him to stop, he approached her with his arms raised threateningly and said she can't tell him what to do. The fight seemed to end after the woman kicked the boy's mother off of her, at which point both women began to walk away, although they continued to engage verbally.

Officers were considering whether to involve the Department of Child Services in their investigation, over concerns of the environment in which the boy has been raised. They were also considering filing charges against the two women in the video for the public fight, Fox 59 reported.

The disturbing video, of the fight at the Beech Grove Indiana Walmart, can be watched below: