Holt And Palmer In 'Warm Bodies'
Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer star in "Warm Bodies." Summit

People love zombies, based on how the culture surrounding the undead has grown in recent years. The popularity of comics and TV shows like the “Walking Dead” franchise have changed the idea of what zombies can represent, and “Warm Bodies” expands that idea further in a four-minute clip posted to YouTube on Thursday.

The film’s protagonist (Nicholas Hoult), along with everyone else in the brief scene embedded below, is a zombie. He narrates the film in his own head, complaining about the mundane life of the living dead, and claiming he has some subtle memories, for instance, that his name begins with the letter "R."

R strolls through an airport, apparently where he has been for some time based on what he has to say about the animated corpses around him. The segment makes the viewer develop a sense of pity for R and the rest of the zombies; before we’ve cheered for them to be beheaded and maimed, but now there’s a chance that they could have had some cognitive abilities behind all the grunting and staggering.

“After a zombie becomes involved with the girlfriend of one of his victims, their romance sets in motion a sequence of events that might transform the entire lifeless world,” reads the “Warm Bodies” synopsis on IMDB.

The new horror romance directed by Jonathan Levine (“50/50,” “The Wackness”) is due in theaters on Feb. 1 -- perfect timing for an unconventional Valentine’s Day date.

Hoult has worn blue fur as Hank McCoy/Beast in “X-Men: First Class,” but now he faces the more complex challenge of making himself a love-struck zombie when he meets Julie Grigio (Teresa Palmer)

The “I Am Number Four” actress runs into R, and after he finishes off feeding on her boyfriend; the film’s lead zombie falls in love with the teen survivor, despite his condition. Based on the film’s plot summary, things somehow work out between the two.

Some other names attached to the upcoming film are Rob Corddry, who makes an appearance in the clips as M. Corddry plays R’s best friend, who is seen at the bar having a pseudo conversation of grunts with Hoult’s character.

The zombie rom-com is based on the novel of the same name by Isaac Marion, which was well-received from critics. The Guardian’s Catherin Taylor called the book "Ruefully humorous, knowingly cinematic in scope," making it a perfect adaptation for the big screen.

The series is becoming more applicable to Hollywood with the announcement of a sequel in the works from Marion. The book’s author wrote a blog post revealing the follow-up on Oct. 15.

“I have not run out of ideas. I have more ideas than I'll ever be able to write, three of which already have their first chapter written,” Marion said in his blog. “But as much as I'm pawing the ground to dive into those stories, here's why I'm staying in R and Julie's world a little longer: their story isn't finished.”