Washington Navy Yard
The current security alert comes 16 months after a total of 12 people were killed and several injured when civilian contractor Aaron Alexis opened fired at the Washington Navy Yard. Reuters

At least 12 people are dead after a fatal shooting took place at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday morning and with no real answers as to why this happened, the Internet has begun to conjure up some lurid conspiracy theories. Though the suspected shooter is Aaron Alexis dead, as reported by Washington Post, fear remains across the region as citizens try to put the puzzle pieces together themselves.

There have been conflicting reports as to whether the shooter was a civilian or military personnel, if he worked alone or there were other shooters, and though it’s not believed that this was an act of terror it can’t be ruled out at the moment. The shooter was identified around 3:30 EDT as 34-year-old Alexis from Fort Worth, Texas, a civilian contractor.

While plenty of people were sending their thoughts and prayers to the victims and those affected by the tragedy, others took it upon themselves to spread speculations about what they think really happened.

Some people alleged that that Washington Navy Yard shooting was just a set up to distract people from “something else.”

Others believed that it was somehow linked to Syria:

That old false flag was to blame:

Some believe it was an inside job: