Fans of the classic 1980s post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland are making themselves heard. Thanks to the overwhelming number of contributors via Kickstarter, a sequel to the PC Western-themed game is in the works and players are finally beginning to see the fruits of their efforts.

On Monday, InXile Entertainment posted the first concept art, created by Andree Wallin. The dark, murky image gives gamers a sense of what they can expect from the highly anticipated sequel. So far, the crowd-fundraiser has pooled together about $2.2 million in donations for the video game's production.

This is an astonishing response, more tha doubling the goal of $900,000. InXile says it will use the extra funds to benefit fans by developing Mac and Linux versions of the game. The game's design team will also be getting a new member, with Chris Avellone of Obsidian taking part in crafting the reboot.

The new artwork is also available as a downloadable screensaver for users, as displayed on the project's Kickstarter page. Players seem pleased with what they've seen so far, and are using social media to praise it.

First *official* Wasteland 2 concept art. Looks great, one fan posted to Twitter.

This WASTELAND 2 concept art has me extremely excited, tweeted another.

The game was originally published by Electronic Arts in 1988, and tells the story of Earth after a nuclear war. Taking place in the middle of the 21st century, survival is the main objective of this RPG. Gamers play as a party of Desert Rangers based in the southwestern United States. And now, creator Brian Fargo is back to bring players the sequel to this action-survival adventure.

The sequel is promised to be even grittier than the original, according to Fargo's Twitter page.

And don't worry the game will be violent ... edgier the better, he posted.