SB19 - Gento
SB19's "GENTO" SB19 Official/YouTube


  • SB19's "Gento" dance craze has reached Japanese groups and idols.
  • A Japanese K-Pop fan posted a Japanese translation of "Gento" on TikTok
  • The Filipino boy group's hit song was released as part of its "PAGTATAG!" EP

Filipino boy group SB19's hit song and dance craze "Gento" isn't only popular among K-Pop idols; it has reached Japanese idols and fans, too.

Just recently, a Japanese K-Pop fan uploaded a Japanese translation of some lines from "Gento" and gushed about how good the song is. Because of the post, the song has been introduced to more Japanese fans.

Interestingly, Japanese idols have also joined the "Gento" dance fever as well. Here are the J-Pop groups and idols who shared their "Gento" dance craze entries in the past weeks.




Another day another slay🔥 #andTEAM #K #GENTO

♬ GENTO - SB19

Japanese dancer K of Japanese boy band &TEAM, a nine-member group formed by Hybe Labels Japan, proved that he's got the moves as the main dancer of his group with his viral "Gento" dance challenge entry.

Among the several J-Pop idols who have covered "Gento" so far, his entry has the most views. True to his video's caption, "Another day, another slay," his entry amassed over 6.9 million views on TikTok.


Johnny's Jr.'s Kairi Kitano and Sora Ota

Young Japanese trainees Kairi Kitano and Sora Ota from Johnny's Jr. proved that "Gento" is popular even to the young ones.

Though young, the duo showed that they can keep up with the J-Pop idols older than them when it comes to dancing. Their "Gento" dance cover accumulated over 605,500 TikTok views in just one day.


Bullet Train's Yuki


LEVEL MAX GENTO🔥 Passion🔥 #GENTO #sb19

♬ GENTO - SB19

One out of the nine members of the J-Pop group Bullet Train and the group's main dancer, Yūki Murata, uploaded his "Gento" dance challenge entry back in July.

True to his video's caption, "LEVEL MAX GENTO," Yuki poured his all-out energy into dancing the swag movements of the "Gento" choreography.


Ryugujo's Ito Keigo

Seventeen-year-old Ito Keigo from rookie six-member J-Pop group Ryujugo slayed while dancing to SB19's "Gento" in his boy-next-door look with headphones on.

His dance challenge entry garnered over 20,500 views on TikTok, with many TikTok users saying he "slayed it" and "nailed it."


MY0NE's Rikuto

Soon-to-debut J-Pop boy group MY0NE, which usually uploads different dance covers in their TikTok profile, also hopped in on the "Gento" dance craze.

On Aug. 27, MY0NE uploaded a video of its member pulling off "Gento's" complex moves smoothly. TikTok users praised his dance skills and wished him well for his group's debut.


TFN's Noa

Twenty-three-year-old Noa of the South Korean-Japanese boy band TFN, formerly known as T1419, showed off his dance skills with his "Gento" entry.

Inspired by his role model G-Dragon of BIGBANG, the South Korean member of TFN wowed over 336,900 viewers with his "Gento" dance cover.


TFN's Kio


키오도 #GENTO 챌린지에 탑승합니다😎 #TFN #티에프앤 #KIO #키오

♬ GENTO - SB19

Noa's bandmate, Japanese rapper and singer Kio also took on the "Gento" dance challenge. His "Gento" dance cover, which was uploaded on his group's TikTok account on Sept. 1, has since gained over 237,400 views on the platform.


INI's Kimura Masaya and Matsuda Jin


GENTO‼︎ withMASAYA 久しぶりのコンビ😎👑 #GENTO #INI #木村柾哉 #MASAYA #松田迅 #JIN #MJ

♬ GENTO - SB19

Bandmates Masaya and Jin from J-Pop group INI, which was formed from the winners of "Produce 101 Japan" Season 2, brought "Gento" outdoors with their in-sync version of SB19's dance craze.

Posted just a week ago, their "Gento" dance entry has already garnered over 816,600 views on the short-form video hosting platform.


Former "Boys Planet" contestant Kato Haru

Seventeen-year-old former "Boys Planet" contestant and Japanese trainee Kato Haru showed he got the moves and jumped on the viral "Gento" dance craze.

His "Gento" dance challenge entry gained over 327,100 TikTok views and is now one of his most recent highest-viewed dance covers on the platform.



Three of the six members of the J-Pop group Yogayonara!!!, which made its CD debut in August 2022, showed off their dance skills as they joined the "Gento" fever.

Dressed in practice clothes, the trio earned praise from Japanese TikTok users saying their dance moves were "too cool."

Pinoy pop group SB19.